Sunday, 3 January 2016

Packing Away Christmas

I've nearly finished packing away the Christmas decorations and it's taken a lot longer that I thought it would. I know the decorations really should stay up until the 6th of January but when you have had them up since 29th November you really are itching to take them down the day after Boxing Day!
I have a set of Christmas plates and glasses that I only use for Christmas Day

and they have been taking up valuable space in one of my kitchen cupboards. I wanted to box them up in one of my plastic crates but was concerned that they would get damaged. I was searching the Internet with the intention of buying some quilted plate storage bags or bowl protectors when I remembered that I had some purple quilted fabric in my stash from making these horse riding hat bags for a friend.

I used it to line the bags and protect the hats. I had quite a bit left over as the first batch I bought had a flaw in it and the company sent me some more.
This was going to be a no nonsense, no sew, stash busting project and it worked out really well.
I lined the plastic crate with a piece of the fabric.

And cut squares of fabric just slightly bigger than the plates.

There was enough left over the wrap the glasses.

The whole set fitted into one crate.

And there was even room for the gold chargers and my new to me pudding plate that I bought on EBay just before Christmas for £4.

A job well done and a lot cheaper than buying storage bags.
Now I just need somewhere to store the growing number of Christmas filled crates that are now sitting in my conservatory.


  1. I too am in the middle of packing away Christmas and have two completely different sets of Christmas crockery which is a bit of a pain to store away. Our cellar is a bit damp so I can't wrap it the way you did. I have to pack it into several crates and bags. This means we take extra care when lifting it back out at the beginning of December. I may have to donate a set to my son.

  2. What a great idea for storing delicate items
    Julie xxxxxxxx

  3. Great idea, I need something similar for my Christmas china x

  4. My crates are stored under the eaves and I've got one empty box from having had a sort out of the decorations. I may just copy your idea and put my Christmas crockery in the empty box to store until next year, (rather than hiding it underneath the sideboard)!

  5. That is a marvellous idea, clever you!!!
    I didn't realise you lived in D!!!! That's where my friend lives- she lives on the Heights, what about you?!?!x

  6. A great way to store your china! Very safe and well protected too! xx

  7. gorgeous plates and a clever way of storing them. All our Christmas stuff has been packed away (well it is still in the hallway to go up into the attic!)


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