Friday, 19 February 2016

A Swap Catch Up - StitchingSanta Secret Santa Swap

Back in October last year I signed up for a Secret Santa Swap organised by Sheila over at Sewchet
The idea being that you spend a maximum of £10 of crafting goodies on your secret santa based on their choice of either sewing or crochet/knitting. You could add as many thrifted, gifted or handmade bits as you liked.

My secret santa was Leah over at Faith's Crafts Box and her craft choice was crochet/knitting.
and here is what I put together for her.

My knitting isn't up to this standard and with two girls I thought that Leah might be able to put the pattern and the yarn to good use.

I had two copies of this Cross Stitcher magazine and although technically not knitting or crochet I did see that Leah liked to cross stitch and she likes vintage style so it seemed an ideal way to recycle my extra copy.

I picked this book up on one of my charity shop trips and I saw that Leah likes to read so I thought it would be a lovely book to enjoy over the Christmas holidays.

During my reading stalking of Leah's blog I also saw that she liked candles, so I added this one to her parcel, it smelt wonderfully christmassy. I had these candle holders in my gifts box for a while (does anyone else buy things as they go through out the year thinking they will be idea for swaps etc) and it casts a lovely shadowy light when the candle is lit. 

I picked up these vintage card tags from my WI trade table and the pink metal bird hanger was also from my gifts stash.

I initially bought these to do a lavender inspired giveaway but when I read that Leah liked lavender I knew I needed to add them her parcel.

And a notebook which I know Leah has been using to keep track of all her wonderful makes this year as well as things that have made her smile. It will be wonderful to look back on at the end of the year.

I also bought some stitch markers and a knitting needle holder but i can't seem to find a photo of them, but they match the project bucket bag that I made for leah in this lovely bright flower fabric.

My secret santa sender was Jo over at Through The Keyhole
you can read all about Jo's #stitchingsanta here.
I chose knitting/crochet and this is what Jo sent me.

Some gorgeous mint green Bluefaced Leicester Aran wool

Some pretty pastel Drops cotton yarn

I crochet mini makes books, there are some wonderful patterns that i'm itching to try from this book.

I've never heard or tried teapots before but they were delicious and i certainly did enjoy them whilst opening my gifts.

Along with these tasty chocolates.

Some wooden buttons and pretty lace trim.

Some very cute mini knitted christmas stockings

Some stitch markers and handmade hand charms.

And Jo obviously had a good look through my blog and realised that I do indeed love foxes so I was over the moon to see this fellow in my parcel.

Finally Jo made me this gorgeous scarf

which even prompted a selfie to be taken ( when I say "a" selfie what I really mean is that I stood there for what seemed like an hour trying to get a half decent photo of myself wearing her beautiful scarf without me either looking in the wrong direction, looking vacant or looking ever so slightly mad!)

Thank you Jo for all my wonderful #stitchingsanta gifts and thank you to Sheila for organising the swap.
Here are all my gifts altogether 

Oh and I nearly forgot Jo also made this very cute robin cross stitch card.

Here is the collage that I posted on Instagram using the #stitchingsanta tag.
(Cue another selfie!!!)


  1. I'm so pleased you liked your gifts and what fabulous things you sent to Leah. Like you, I'm always on the lookout for things which I can put in my swap box or for things which will make up a nice giveaway, I suppose we just enjoy buying things for people, I know I do. It was such a fun swap to take part in and one of the nice things about swaps like this is that you get to find blogs you haven't come across before and meet new people.

  2. Hi Jo, it seems we are very similar, my charity shop trips always include a little something for a swap or a giveaway and sometimes just because you know someone that will just love what you have found. The christmas swaps were great for finding new blogs x

  3. Absolutely loving the selfies, so nice to see you on your blog :) x x


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