Friday, 26 February 2016

Thursday Treasures, Friday Finds and Recent Makes

My Thursday Treasures this week, 
a brand new leather wallet for £2 
more pictures frames (I haven't photographed the ones I picked up in the afternoon so there is only this one from my morning shop)
a lovely big bowl to brighten up my kitchen
and some Mr Men books to add to my growing collection!
In the afternoon I also picked up a book for Tomas for our bedtime read and another copy of Peepo! by Janet and Allan Ahlberg I love this book, the rhyming words and the illustrations, it's has been a favourite of ours since our big ones were small and my copy is a little bruised and battered so I was pleased to pick up an almost new version. (not photo as it's still in my car - not sure why?)

At the beginning of last week week I posted out these two bags as parts of dips that I'd sold on Vintage Bazaar over on Facebook. 
The pink heart one was an UFO which had been sitting forlornly in a pile of UFO's when I suddenly decided that pink gingham lining and red polka dot handles were just the things it needed to make it beautiful.

And this hedgehog bag was ready and waiting to find it's forever home
This week I made another version of my heart bunting cushion, this time using up the last pieces of the owl fabrics that I had left over from making this bag. I'm really pleased with how it's turned out and I have also managed to squeeze out three more cushions from the fabric too. These aren't quite finished as I ran out of stuffing but hopefully they should be finished next week.

Talking of bags I have finally got around to making a start on upcycling this woven basket that I picked up from a charity shop trip ages and ages ago. The top rim is a little damaged so I thought I would repair it by chain stitching all the way around the top two rows with green yarn and adding lots of flowers to the rim. After working out how to do this by reading some tutorials about crocheting around polystyrene wreaths I now just need to make some crochet daisies and add the pretty daisy fabric as lining. The crochet daisies are proving trickier than I thought, especially as I'm watching a video on how to make them in a foreign language with no subtitles!! 

My Friday finds; I haven't bought any magazines in well over a year as I tend to use Pinterest and google to search for patterns and ideas but I couldn't resist these ones today, the creative pastimes was actually for Tomas as it has some brilliant dot to dot pictures and mazes in. He has already completed one 370 dot to dot picture and tried out a few of the other activities too.

Both the sewing magazines came with lots of patterns and ideas. I really wanted to look inside the magazines before buying them as you are never really sure what you are getting when they are in these packs but I'm not sure if you should open them or not. Do you have a peek or do you take a chance like I did today?

I think I was lucky this time as there were lots of really good ideas and patterns in both magazines and I found the perfect pattern to make a bag using these fabrics. Just needs a few tweaks!

Finally I've been trying to have a tidy up in my sewing room and I thought I would share a quick photo of my swap treasures shelf. Please excuse the messy piles on my cutting table there is still some work to do.
 I have realised I still haven't shown you all the photos of my sewing room revamp so I must dig those out over the next few days and share them with you. Don't all my swap treasures look fabulous, I do love that fact that i can now have them out on show and enjoy them everyday.


  1. Love the shelf and the finds. We are so broke its not funny but I would love to go rummaging for bargains. Maybe next year. ;)

  2. What a fab shelf. The bowl especially was a great find and I adore the owl cushion.

  3. The shelf is gorgeous as are all your projects. I love your beautiful bags!! You did well on the leather wallet!!Xx

  4. Great finds, and I love the shelf and all it's goodies! I was going to buy the Love Sewing magazine today, but sadly I didn't have enough cash on me!! Will try and get it tomorrow, as I like the pattern that it comes with! :)

  5. Lovely update. Looking forward to seeing your revamped craft room. Ps my owl bag gets looks of lovely comments 😘

    1. Hi Suzanne,
      My room needs a bit of a tidy up!!! one day I will be straight, that’s lovely to hear about your bag xx


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