Sunday 14 February 2016

Send A Little Love Swap

Edited : Second time lucky with the photos, I think I will have to go back to only using the main computer for posting on my blog.

As today (last Sunday!) is officially the day of LOVE I thought I would share with you the two wonderful parcels that I received as part of my Send A Little Love Swap.
I was partnered with Edit from Edige. And this is what she sent me
A beautiful card with the Hungarian word : with love

A pretty red zippered pouch with lilac polka dot lining

This cathedral window pincushion in shades of grey with a big red heart button. A quilting method I would love to try. Edit's stitching is so neat.

Some delicious Hungarian chocolate -all gone now!

Some heart buttons and ribbon.

And a heart cookie cutter and a very cute tiny red scoop with Hungarian folk art.

Thank you Edit for being such a wonderful and talented swap partner I loved all my gifts.


I was also partnered with Maria from Dotty's Daughter, Maria and I have found we have a lot in common during our emails back and forth.
Here is what was in Maria's parcel for me, lots of pretty packages.

With heart labels,

and heart pegs.

And inside a gorgeous red spotty pincushion. I love the layered details.

This pretty lavender hanger.

A lacy bookmark with padded heart and beaded pin.

Hanging hearts, a love sign and peg hearts.

Which look lovely on my twiggy tree

Hearts shaped candles

Love hearts and chocolate hearts - enjoyed by all the family.

This little sign is actually an emery board but I think far to nice to use on my nails!

And some pretty pink love ribbon.

Thank you Maria for all my wonderful gifts, they are so beautifully made and I'm definitely feeling the love this weekend!
I hope you have all enjoyed the Send A Little Love Swap. I've added a linky so you can share your Send A Little Love Swap blog posts, and if you are on Instagram you can use the hashtag #sendalittleloveswap.


  1. Lovely lovely swaps, my small people have magically made my mouse on laptop disappear so I am having issues, kindle working but trying to blog on it is nightmare. Hoping to find mouse and get on with posting soon though. :( I had fun opening my parcel on Sunday. Thank you for organising the swap.

    1. Oh No! I hope you find your mouse very soon and i'm glad you enjoyed the swap.

  2. I'm so glad that you liked my surprises... and I'm waiting for yours...
    Hugs, Edige

    1. Hi Edit, I'm so glad your parcel finally arrived x

  3. Such beautiful things to have received!!! How very kind people are! Hopefully I can take part in the swap next time! xx

    1. Hi Amy

      Thank you for your lovely comment, come and join the fun next time, the swap normally goes up just after the new year, but if you can’t wait that long I’m running a super stationery swap on my blog and Kimberley from Creative Chaos is running an Easter Swap.

  4. Lovely things! Unfortunately my partner hasn't blogged about her gifts, nor has she sent me anything. Sad face. I'm still keeping my fingers crtossed, but despite emailing, she hasn't replied. I hope that it isn't because Real Life has got so horrid for her that swaps are the last thing on her mind, but I'd still like to know what's happening.

    1. Happily my partner has now sent me a box full of delightful things! My smile is back in place!


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