Monday, 5 July 2010

ebay bargain...

Most of you will know that we had some major remodelling recently in our kitchen where we opened up two rooms into one, well the dust has settled and it's now a lovely big space which we are living in so that we can get used to the space and work out where our new kitchen appliances and cupboards will eventually go. Well during this remodelling i lost some of my old kitchen cupboards and we replaced our large electric range oven for a smaller one. This new oven is taking a little getting used to and i keep forgetting that it isn't a fan oven and wonder why things get burnt on the top shelf and undercooked on the bottom!!!
Sorry I digress, my cooking inabilities could take up a whole weeks posts!!!
Right back to my ebay bargain which is what this post was supposed to be about!!
So we've got this new cooker which could only go in one place until the electrician comes back and rewires but this one place is sort of on its own stuck on one wall away from everything else and I'm forever dropping spatulas and if I've got pans on the hob and dishes in the oven then there's no place to put everything. Well there's a nice space next to the cooker just the right size for a butchers block or a trolley so I thought I'd have a look on ebay to see what I could find. Well this T&G woodware
( no I've never heard of them either!!)was up for auction for £65 but i missed the end of the auction and then lucky for me that I did because the lady re listed it for .....wait for it ........£15 - yes i know £15.... I couldn't believe my luck. Paul went to pick it up on Sunday and the first thing the woman said was "you've had a bargain" and I think she was right as it's in perfect condition and when I looked on the Internet they sell for around £250...

It fits in it's new home perfectly and now has all my utensils stored in its drawers and it was a pleasure to make my leek and bacon pasta dish tonight... Don't get any ideas it's one of Deila's and is really delicious, everyone is always ready for seconds. I think it's one of my signature dishes, just feeling that I need to expand my repertoire though!!!
Anyone got any ideas for tea tomorrow......all answers on a postcard please or alternatively leave a comment below....
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  1. That is a great bargain and lovely too, well done. No idea for meals I'm afraid - I'm a bit in a bit of a rut, cooking wise. Salad?

  2. 人有兩眼一舌,是為了觀察倍於說話的緣故。............................................................

  3. What a bargain!!!!I think maybe salad also is a good one...too hot to cook at the moment!!!Have a wonderful week!!!

  4. 快樂與滿足的秘訣,就在全心全意投注於現在的每一分,每一秒上..................................................


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