Thursday, 22 July 2010

Last Minute Teachers Gifts

As per usual I left the teacher's gifts to the last minute, Rachel wanted to make notebook covers for just a few of her teachers (thank god!! - secondary school = more subjects = more teachers!!!)

I found this really easy tutorial here and then it was just a case of choosing fabrics.
The music teachers were easy so that was one notebook cover and one sunglasses case sorted.

This apple fabric is probably my favourite, although Jack didn't want that one as he didn't want to be teacher's pet.....

I'd also forgotten how pretty this sewing fabric was, it's been sitting in my stash for sometime and definitely looks better made up than just sitting forlornly in my piles upon piles of fabric, i think i might make myself a bag for my crochet...

The green floral and green check are bargain fabrics, these are brand new curtains from B&Q that i bought a while back after there had been a leak at the store the bags were slightly wet but the curtains were fine so i bought two packs of each and want to make garden cushions and a table cloth(one day!!)
That just leaves this very cute bird fabric which I teamed with some pink seersucker gingham.

Now I finally finished these at 1am this morning but when I was putting them together with the cards that Rachel had written I noticed an extra name, another music teacher, as you can tell music is one of Rachel's favourite subjects, so this morning because as Rachel said "I can't walk into the music department and give out the two presents to Mr and Mrs H and not give one to Miss J", I quickly ran up another music themed glasses case, it's a slightly different fabric from the other one, more girly, before school and off she went quite happily. Well that little lot has left me feeling a little tired but there's no peace for the wicked the summer hols start this afternoon and its a picnic in the park after school and I haven't got anything in to make any sandwiches so I must get to the shops...

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  1. I tell you, I want to be a teacher with all these lovely gifts being made!

  2. Lovely gifts! I bet the teachers will love those. I must admit I don't bother now my two are older and have so many teachers.

  3. They are lovely gifts, very effective :)

  4. WOW...Hun these are all the fabric's but my fav has to be the sewing one..looks sooo vintage!
    Im sure the teachers will love them!
    TFS Hugs Clare x

  5. They are sooo lovely! I wish I was her teacher. I love your choice of fabrics too. Thanks for the link, I can see me making plenty of these for gifts as well. They look too easy but so stylish.

  6. Lucky teachers! The fabrics you have chosen are adorable and as always you have done a great job.

  7. 我們能互相給予的最佳禮物是「真心的關懷」。..................................................


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