Sunday, 4 July 2010


I really love photography and am still very learning what my digital SLR is capable of with me behind the lens, and over the years I've tried really hard (not always successfully) to get photos of our dogs for my husband's website. People have often commented that our dogs look better in the flesh than they do in our photographs. It's always difficult to capture their true expression whilst showing off their size and wrinkles too, most photos have ended in the delete bin, but this weekend Paul asked if I could take some photos of one of our boys - Ozzie - he's not yet 2 years old and still has some growing to do but I'm really pleased with how the photos came out, because although this is a huge and powerful dog he is also a gentle giant and I think that that really comes through in the expression in his eyes.
So what do you think of our Ozzie???
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  1. What a great pic hun..well done!
    And what a cutie...he would tower over my Bichon Gorgeous should be pleased!
    Hugs Clare x Weekend Crafter x

  2. He is gorgeous I Love him! I adore large breeds, we have a Japanese Akita and people think we're mad but I seriously wouldn't be without her! Beautiful! Justine xx

  3. he looks as though he is so deep in thought :)

  4. He is lovely - great expression!


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