Monday, 19 July 2010

A Little Bit Greener Swap

Back April (was it really that long ago!! sigh!!)I signed up to take part in That Little Bit Greener's green swap, I was paired with Stuffed Nonsense, and when I popped over to their blog I found that I was getting a BOGOF deal, two partners for the price of one. The lovely Bex and El have been ever so patient with me as the send out date for the swap was the 7th of June, well that date came and went and so so did another couple of weeks, my crafting time is very hit and miss at the moment!!! but I finally sent out their goodies and here are a few pictures of what I sent them.
Recycled books to read!!!
A pile of fabrics to share!!
I had this idea to incorporate the recycle sign onto a bag and as I haven't done much applique before this was an ideal excuse to get out the bondaweb and have a go!!! The bags are made from recycled curtains samples and the linings are from the same samples and the applique fabrics are from my stash of recycled fabric sample books!!!

I found these ingenious origami business card holder instructions over at Activity Village and not only made one each for the girls but popped in the instructions too in case them wanted to make some more...
A matchbox each of buttons - these plain matchboxes are covered in recycled buttons from my stash and filled to bursting with more buttons...
and finally I really wanted to make some envelopes from magazines so I cut out a template and found some lovely Country Living magazines in my workshop and set about making a set of 5 envelopes each, I added some labels so they're good to go, just not sure what the postie will make of them.

I really enjoyed this swap so a big thank you to Emma and Rachel for organizing it and thank you to Bex and El for being my partners and being just a little bit (oh alright a lot!!) patient when it came to getting their goodies. Looking forward to seeing what I receive in return!!!!
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  1. How lovely the applique on the bags is great!
    Kandi x

  2. love the bags, and the origami card holders, what lovely items to send.
    joy xx

  3. Th bags are really cool :)

  4. What wonderful ideas :) I think that was one swap I shall regret not taking part in.

  5. You did really well with all your swaps!!

    I couldnt have been as inventive as you, I am sure they will be really pleased to get their goodies.

    I am having a give away (easy pesy after what you have just been through haha), so if you fancy popping over to have a look. It runs till 25th July!!
    Michelle x


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