Monday, 4 October 2010

Misi Monday

I completely missed last weeks Misi Monday but I hope that this weeks theme will more than make up for it.....


It's been really wet and miserable here over the past few days and I thought what's the best way to cheer yourself up on days like this than chocolate, whether it's for eating, beautifying, admiring, wearing or sharing....
Just click on the name link for more details

Debra is fairly new to Misi and every time she lists it goes straight in my wish list!!!
She also comes from my hubby's home town too!

I can see these hanging on the tree at Christmas ready for that quiet moment snuggled under the blanket watching old movies!!!

I love the colours of these pot holders - warm and rich

This gorgeous hanging heart smells of lavender
(I was hoping for chocolate - best it is lavender though as I may want to eat it during one of my chocolate eating moments!!)

A fabulous, creamy moisturizing soap, enriched with lashings of cocoa butter and......
.I'll let you read the rest but it sounds divine

I just love this Chocolate Salesman Fox - I don't think I could resist his sales patter!!!

And finally, I have the most wonderful chocolates fabric in my my workshop, covered in scrumptious truffles, with either a gold or pink iridescent background, I've quite a few bags with this in the past unfortunately none of the photos do this fabric justice so if you would like a custom quote for a bag, cushion, notebook, cover or maybe even a quilt just let me know

I think I've probably put on $$ lbs just by looking at all these chocolate goodies......
right I'm off to do the ironing that will burn off a few calories!!!


  1. I make the hot chocolate cones and give them out as presants. I call them snowman soup xx

  2. lovely selection - now I want some chocolate - lol!

  3. yummy yummy, hope you burn calories and not clothes while you do the ironing,

  4. What a lovely blog you have :-)

  5. Hi, lovely of you to stop by. Ahhhh...choclate...take it or leave it now LOL, crazy me!

    Love those chocolate colours and bags.

  6. YAY! Finally got to your blog!

    This is a lovely post all very tempting and rich. I love the pot holders too. Thanks so much for linking Chocolatey Fox.




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