Saturday, 23 October 2010

What Have I Missed?????

Well lots, by the looks of it.....there's been blogs about baking and making, blogs about swaps and giveaways, blogs about families and friends, blogs to make you both laugh and cry!!!
It's been busy here too as we had a call from our builder Ben on Wednesday saying that he was free for the next two days and would we like him to come over and give our outhouse a makeover, this was a job that needed doing as you can see from the photo's it was a little neglected and I'm surprised one of us hasn't ended up buried under a pile of bricks, tiles and dust as the roof joists and door lintel were completely rotten. Well two days of bacon/sausage and egg sandwiches, numerous cups of tea, a lot of hard work from Ben and Lee and a lot of running around getting last minute supplies we now have a much perkier (aka safer) looking building it still needs a lick of paint both inside and out and unfortunately has had all the bags of logs and kids bikes etc shoved back in but at least its much prettier to look at now....
just imagine that's where you had to go to do your "business" and the little hatch at the bottom was for you to remove the bucket...thank god for flushable indoor loos!!!!!

And the works not stopping there we are just in the process of ordering one of these
to go here......

this is actually the side/back door but we all tend to use this one instead of the front front door (if you know what I mean!!!)
I have been crafting too a little this week but can't show you just yet as they are for swaps and birthdays, I've also become addicted to charity shops and returned home last week with lots of goodies so will blog about those soon too....

Right as it's half term this week and we are all in need of some serious R&R I might not be around as much and for those of you that are looking forward to this weeks half term - have a lovely relaxing time!!!!
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  1. The outhouse looks great and the porch that you've ordered will look fantastic, I've always wanted one like that! Have a great weekend (no half term up here unfortunately!)! :) x

  2. Wow that looks fab, they did a great job. I love that porch too, my Dad made one of those for him new house and it is lovely. Can't wait to see your charity shop finds.


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