Friday, 8 October 2010

Charity Shop finds....

I spent the afternoon traipsing round our local charity shops and came upon these goodies
Mo Hayder's Pig Island, the last Mo Hayder book I read "The Treatment" was unputdownable and I'm hoping that this next one is just as good...
I haven't seen either of these films so can't wait to read these ....once I've read them I might watch the DVD's but then again I might not as it may spoil a good book...
Something crafty!!!!Lots of crochet hooks all for £1 and a sweet little hand embroidered hoop for 75p.
One of the charity shops was having a camera event and the table was full of vintage cameras and accessories so I just couldn't resist
these two lens holders
and these two vintage cameras both from the 1950's......all for £7 these are going to look great in my summer house when I eventually get round to painting it!!!

Ohh!! and if any of you are interested in photography I've got a new blog called
Depth of Field
showing some of my photo challenge photos and hopefully my progress as I get to grips with my digital SLR, so pop over and take a look!!!
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  1. Oh you did do well! I love charity shopping too!

  2. Love charity shopping too but yours seem to have much more exciting stuff than the ones around here!! Love those cameras, the cases themselves are just gorgeous!!

  3. Great finds and like your other blog. I must say Tompom is just gorgeous with his mop of red hair - mind you I am a bit biase with my mass of red hair :-)

  4. and oh my word he looks the spitting image of my eldest son with his red hair when he was little - my hubby had to take a second look as when I showed him he thought it was eldest sweetpea :-)


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