Sunday, 31 October 2010

Halloween party food.......

On Friday we (well Jack and I went as Tompom was poorly and Rachel was at a sleepover) were invited to a Halloween Party and here is what we made to take with us!!!

Marzipan Pumpkins
Eyeball Cakes!!! with seriously gooey blood curdling icing!!!
Moon and Stars Cookies!!!

I also took my Halloween Feely Box
which contained
Witches Eyeballs and Sockets
Witches Hair, Cats Tail and Rats Tails
Stomach Contents
Witches Fingernails
Skin and Blood
Rats Brains...
needless to say its was scary and messy but lots of fun
 There was also apple bobbing, or Grim Reaper drowning in Jack's case as well as mummy wrapping..

which just leaves Trick or Treating and  Spooky walk in the woods for later!!!!

Happy Halloween..........................
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  1. Happy halloween - it all sounds like fun! x

  2. Sounds like fun - I think a Halloween party is a much better idea than trick or treating.

  3. All the food looks fantastic! Happy Halloween! :) x


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