Wednesday, 9 February 2011


That's how I've been feeling lately I'm not sure if its the come down after such a hectic time with the kitchen refurbishment or just me in general. I just don't seem to have any oomph! My days seem to pass in flash of unfinished never started jobs to do and when I finally get everyone off to bed all I want to do is flop down on the sofa and eat rubbish or sit on the computer looking at what everyone else is doing but not actually contributing much to theirs or mine own blogs etc!!!


I decided that that it's time to stop making excuses and  to give myself the proverbial kick up the bum
  • YES I have a nearly three year old running about causing wonderful havoc all day (especially when he's tired (read from about 2pm till 6pm) BUT he'll soon be off to nursery school and I wouldn't have missed this time with him for anything.
  • YES I have two older children who need time with mum once Tomas is off in the land of nod and who like to stay up that bit later (read 9pm) to watch telly and chat BUT I love the fact that they do want to spend time with their old mum and not shut themselves away in their rooms.
  • YES I now have a husband at home full time suffering from arthritis a disease which is a pain in the bum BUT we make the most of the days when he feels good to achieve what we can and take it easy on the days when he has a flare up, it also means he has had the opportunity of spending lots of quality time with the me and the children especially Tomas but also means that he gets extremely tired and achy at the end of the day.
So (I was going to say from tomorrow but what the heck) from right now that's it my bum has been well and truly kicked and it's time for some action........
there's those elephant in room jobs that I need to do, and I have decided that rather that pretend they don't exist I'm going to work through them and get them done, but that's another post altogether!!!! I can feel the shame already! Please tell me that some of you have them too  you know the one's gifts for friends birthdays that you still need to make/finish/start, pen friends to write to, pay it forwards to finish and send to name but a few!

I decided to take the pressure off for now and to just make for pleasure rather than beating myself up about websites/shops etc the list is endless of want to makes/must finish/would like to start/try and I'm hoping the monthly make challenge will help with this.

My photography blog has also been a little neglected of late so it's time to dust off the camera and get snapping, especially as the weather has been really lovely the past few days.....

So that's my kick up the bum sorted anyone else need one too!!!!

If any of you lovely bloggers want to join my in my fresh start by giving yourselves a kick up the bum you are more than welcome to leave a comment below or maybe even post about your own kick up the bum. I've found it to be most helpful (a little sore mind but very liberating!!) and although the journey may be a little bumpy I'm sure  no I know we'll do just fine...........


  1. I think the time of year has a lot to do with it as well, tracy, but spring is just around the corner now, so we should all start to feel better soon. sorry to hear your hubby has arthritis, not fun.
    I've also had a "blogrest" due to family circumstances but I'm just starting to feel up to doing it again. must go now and look at your photo blog, love joy x x

  2. I need one but not sure when it'll happen . . . I have the 2.5yr old and also a 4mth old and I seem to be always in demand.
    My hubby is in Afghanistan and will be there for another 4 months.
    I need a huge feather duster to get down all the ceiling cobwebs I keep spotting and that would be a good start! I have belated cards to make and presents to organise. And a list of jobs longer than I care to imagine.
    Good Luck! xx

  3. Well done and good luck. I seem to be wandering from one thing to another and not really doing the things I should be doing. So many jobs to do out in the garden but the weather is so naff. x

  4. I know the feeling, finishing jobs does make you feel a whole lot better. I'm going to try and do those jobs that I keep putting off :) x

  5. goodness I know what you mean, am there with you on the little one who runs around and gets overtired (maybe she shouldn't wake at 2am! ggrrrr). Then there are the older two who want time with me too and I have to tell them to take it in turns to chat to me as otherwise they all talk at once. My hubby has a really painful knee after many ops whose moods change dependent on the pain. I really must get my arse into gear too and spend less time thinking and reading and more time doing!

  6. Oh thank heavens it's not just me! I have drifted through since the new year, planning loads but actually acheiving nothing mainly due to lack of umph!! I suffer from S.A.D and whilst on bright days I can manage to motivate myself(abit) on grey miserable days I find it hard even to get out of bed. Today has been a lovely bright day and I started reorganising me craft room only problem is I haven't finished and tomorrow is supposed to be yuk...

  7. I have nominated you for a Stylish Blog Award! Pop over to my blog to claim your award!

  8. Hi just a new follower I've come over from Blueberry heart. My oh my you've got me sussed I've been more down than up lately with not much mojo - but managed to get in the garden today and peg some washing out and feel much better - but still need that kick up the butt big style get some blog posts done and pics taken xx


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