Wednesday, 16 February 2011

Crochet Practice

I've neglected my crochet over the past few months but having seen some of the lovely crocheting going on in blogland I decided to get my hook out so to speak...
Seeing as it was dark and cold outside I didn't famcy venturing down the garden to my workshop so I grabbed the bag of wool from Rachel's room to see what I could find. There was a selection of small acrylic wools from a crochet magazine and a large 5.5mm hook. So now the only decision left was what to practice. I would really like to make a blanket for the orangery so I popped over to Attic 24 and found a nice and simple wavy stripe pattern to try. It's great now that I have the pattern in my head and I have also learnt a new stitch which is great and have also tried my hand at changing colours. So this is just the practice run before I go out and buy some lovely soft snuggly wool to make my blanket from. Anyone got any suggestions as what yarn I should use????

Right I'm off to add another stripe before grabbing an early night.......
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  1. If you look on Attic 24 Lucy recommends Rico Creative Cotton and also Stylecraft and she lists all the colours she uses!!

  2. Looks great, that is always my dilema, what yarn to get :) x

  3. I have used the rico creative although the colours are fantastic it splits something crazy ! James brett do a kool cotton which is lovely to use and feels nice and snuggly :)

  4. I really want to do a ripple blanket - is Lucy's easy to follow??

  5. That looks fantastic! I can't even read patterns yet :-(


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