Monday, 28 February 2011

Half Term Jelly Brain....

I think I'm seriously losing the plot this week, it hasn't been overly hectic or boringly slow -  just Half Term in February.....

We had some quite a bit of this

A liitle bit of this

Had a fabulous time watching this, even Tompom sat all the way through it

We enjoyed lazy days with friends and busy days with spring cleaning the garage, riding bikes and playing in the garden. There were schools shoes to buy, haircuts to be had and this is why
 I forgot to pick out the winner of the book giveaway

I 'm really sorry to those of you that entered I had it in my mind that I was revealing the winner on Sunday but when I checked it was supposed to be Friday!!! And even then I didn't make the Sunday deadline as I needed to do the ironing before the kids went back to school.

So with out further ado the person who will receive the book is.....

Thank you to those of you that commented and congratulations to Justine from Emma Bear Forever I shall contact you tomorrow for your address and pop the book in the post to you.

Right now I really must go off to bed as I'm supposed to be trying to get into bed before 11pm each night and with only three minutes to and a lot of tidying up to do I just might not make it...

Nope didn't make it to bed by 11 shall we say 11.15 instead!!!!

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  1. Oh my goodness, thank you so much x
    I did not see this post on your blog, I think it was when I was having the photo problem a few weeks back on my blog and was hardly in blogland.I never received an email, but I think my email addy is a little 'hidden'.

    I would never of known if you had not just left me a lovely message and mentioned the book. It got me thinking, so I just had to come and read back. Sorry for the delay my lovely and once again thank you's really cheered me up xxxx


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