Tuesday, 1 February 2011

Our new Porch

January seems to have passed in a haze of builders, tea, and lack of sleep!!!! Also my 9.30pm computer curfew is still in force (the computer is in Rachel's room temporarily)which means my blogging time has been drastically reduced. I still have some much to show you all with regards to the kitchen but first things first, I promised to show the pictures of the new oak porch we had fitted on the side door. Unfortunately the porch didn't get the recognition it deserved as work started on the kitchen the day after it was fitted and then it was non stop!!!!
So here are the before photos
we inherited a flat roof extension from the previous previous owners, which originally only had one window and the door, and as I like to keep things symmetrical we added another window on the other side to even things out. We then also added the orangery and although the walls are staggered this side of the house is now quite long and we felt that the side door needed and bit more umph!!! Initially I considered a white painted wooden porch because the house is Victorian, but couldn't find what I was looking for. Then Paul suggested an oak porch and we spent several months looking at other peoples porches whenever we were out and about (sad I know). We finally decided that an oak porch was what we wanted and found a fantastic company via ebay!!!!

Measurements and design were all confirmed via email (which I have to say was a little scary and I checked the measurements lots of times before finally sending them off) and then Richard and his father in law arrived early on the Friday morning to erect the porch, the quality and the craftsmanship is second to non and I would totally recommend them, we have future plans to knock down the garage and replace it with an oak cart lodge so I've no doubt that RichWood will be visiting us again. Hopefully the weather will be better next time as I did feel sorry for them watching out the window as they erected the porch in the pouring rain....

The pictures below were taken during all the kitchen work as our builder Ben was also tiling the porch roof for us with some clay tiles that we had bought, again from ebay!!!!
And finally here is the porch fully tiled, leaded and ridged!!! (the ridge tiles weren't from ebay but from a local reclamation yard!!)

We're really pleased with the outcome and now my only job (she's says adding it to the long list of other jobs!!!) is to repaint the door, frame and step......
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  1. Oh my, now that looks stunning and this is your side entrance??? It really is impressive, so pleased that it all went well. It's so worrying when your employing someone to complete a job for you :0) x

  2. Oh wow you have a truely beautiful porch!!! I can't wait to see your kitchen, I just know I'm going to be jealous as I am no nearer to getting mine sorted..

  3. it looks beautiful, and makes a lovely statement to the side of your house.

    Emma x

  4. What a difference a porch makes, gives the entrance the "wow" factor, did you have a colour in mind for the door? Going to post your "valentine swap" parcel tomorrow, hope you likeit, Lucey xx


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