Thursday, 22 September 2011

Dress Alterations and a Thank You

As most of you know I love photography and was recently asked if I would take some photos for a triple christening and wedding blessing, so to show some of my previous shots I sent a link to my facebook page where I take part in a monthly photo challenge, this is my personal page and also has pictures of some of my crafty makes. After seeing these I was also asked if I could alter the dress that would be worn for this very special occasion.
Firstly the dress needed taking up by at least 3" so off came the lace edging and out came the scissors to chop off the extra lace and netting. I also had to take up the lining which included some boning to give it shape.
Then came the tricky bit, the dress didn't fit across the back and originally it had a zip going all the way to the top of the v back. I needed to add a panel and some corseting. I knew roughly what I needed to do but help was on hand in the guise of Paula over at Inspired Brides.
Paula makes the most amazing dresses and posted recently (the same day is was adding the modesty panel) on how to add a modesty panel and corseting. It was the loops that threw me as I really didn't want to start ripping seams open but in the end it was the best thing. I cut the zip off just above the waist sash band and used the seam ripper to open up the seams, added to darts to make the dress lie flat across the shoulder blades and the added some rat tail cord in loops inside the seam and then ran a top stitch seam to hold them secure. It felt quite odd sewing on the dress like that as it didn't have a stitch line before but it looked fine and it meant that the ribbon lacing lay nice and flat.
Here's the finished dress on the day. I'd like to think that it's not glaringly obvious that I have added the panel, what do you think?
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  1. Hi, the dress looks stunning, well done.xx

  2. wow thats brilliant. i am very impressed! x hope all is good with you. x

  3. wow, it looks great well done!

  4. Well done! It is a hard thing to do I imagine! You cannot see that it should be any different - what a great job you did!

  5. Thankyou for the mention xx It looks great and nice to know I someone reads my ramblings xx


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