Wednesday, 28 September 2011

A to Z of Me....

I've seen this on a few blogs lately and as I don't often write much that is actually about me I thought I'd give it a go.....

Age - 41

Bed Size - Double with a kingsize duvet

Chore That I Hate - I dislike most chores as there's always something mch nicer to be doing, although once I get going on a big tidy up there's no stopping me! If I had to choose then it would be ironing.

Dogs - We (hubby that is) used to breed Dogue de Bordeaux's (from the film Turner and Hooch) so we have had a large number of dogs in the past, I'd be at the checkout buying sausages for the dogs and the kids would say we've got 14 dogs and the look of horror would cross the checkout girls face! They all lived outside which when they are that big is a blessing I can tell you. So now we only have three dogs Ozzy - the grandson of first our Dogue de Bordeaux, Enzo - the most stubborn of Dogue de Bordeaux's you are ever likely to meet and Barney a Jack Russell cross Patterdale Terrier who looks about 12 but is really only 2.

Essential Start to my day - Cup of tea or two!!

Favourite Colour - Green

Gold Or Silver - Gold

Instruments you play - I can't say that I can play any instruments but I once owned a harmonica and could play Moon River rather badly!

Job Title - Jack of all Trades - far too many too list

Kids - Three -  Rachel 13, Jack 12, and surprise number three Tomas 3

Live - just outside Chelmsford in Essex

Mothers Name - Margaret

Nicknames - never really had a nickname that I know of!

Overnight Hospital Stays - had my ears pinned back at the age of 5, dislocated and broken elbow which resulted in several operations age 23, I stayed in hospital after both my older two were born but was out with a few hours after Tomas was born

Pet Peeves - Definitely manners including at the table, politeness and common courtesey oh and text speak

Quote From A Movie - No one puts Baby in the corner (Dirty Dancing)

Right or Left handed - Left handed and left eyed!!!

Siblings - One older sister.

Underwear - Yes I like to wear underwear not quite as lacy or skimpy as it used to be but underwear all the same!

Vegetable you hate - Brussell Sprouts yuk!!

What Makes You Run Late - According to my kids I'm always running late , although they have never been late for school or an appointment. I have so many things to do I like to leave with just the right amount of time to spare rather than like hubby who likes to leave early and then wait!!!!

x-rays you've had - quite a few on my elbow

Yummy Food I make - I can't say that cooking is my one of my strengths although I think my roast dinners aren't too bad!

Zoo Animal - We live not far from Colchester Zoo and with Jack completely obessed with Tigers we have visited quite a few times over the years and Sasha the white tiger was always a firm favourite.

You can now see why I don't tend to write much about myself as I have a tendency to ramble, but if you fancy joining in then give it a go!


  1. Brilliant! My cousin has two of the Bordeoux dogs and says they slobber all over her and she loves it! My hubby wants a patterdale!

    I loved getting to know you better! x

  2. interesting to get to know you a bit better, tracy, is there a "T" category?

  3. Hi Tracy, I've just comepleted the A to Z of Me over on my blog if you're interested.



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