Thursday, 15 September 2011

Put your feet up and go shopping!!!

Not the usual thing you hear when you talk about going shopping but this is shopping with a difference. This is the kind of shopping trip where you pop the kettle on, make a nice pot of tea (or coffee its your choice), grab a slice of cake or some yummy biscuits and find a nice comfy chair and then browse up to 175 different shops selling a variety of amazing handmade gifts.
Just think you could have Christmas all wrapped before the end of September!!!

"Not possible" I hear your say but it is....... 

 On Saturday 17th and Sunday 18th September (that's this weekend) the lovely people over a Creative Connections are hosting a CraftFEST where an amazing 175 creative crafters have booked a stall and will be displaying their wares.
you can find a list of all the stalls that are taking part here.

I have nearly finished setting up my stall which links directly to my Facebook page where you will be able to buy from a selection of my bags and other handmade gifts. If you see something you like but would like a different size, shape, fabric etc then please don't hesitate to give me a shout as custom orders are always welcome. 

I think this is going to be a massive event as the response for stalls has been overwhelming.
So go on make a date with your computer, laptop, ipad etc and join in this CraftFEST extravaganza.


  1. What a fab idea, I hope you do well :) x

  2. I have a stall too. I wonder how everyone will do.

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