Thursday, 29 September 2011

The missing T

Yesterday I posted the A to Z of Me and to save time I copied and pasted it from another blog, deleted the answers and added my own, what I didn't realise, but Joy did, is that there was one missing - the letter T.
After checking the blog I had copied and pasted from and a couple of others that were doing the same thing they all had the T missing too,but I finally found out what it was over at The Felt Fairy - thanks Annie!

The missing T was

Time you Wake Up - well with a three year old in the house quite early! if we are lucky then 7am if not then 5.30am and more often than not anywhere in between. I'm so not looking forward to the dark mornings!!

It's another lovely sunny day here in Essex today, the builders have finished the roof and Tomas and I are off to toddler's this morning and there maybe a bit of gardening and photography this afternoon. I hope you all have a lovely day today whatever you are doing....


  1. lol! I copied and pasted it too! Bloody hell you get up so early that I am not suprised you missed it out! xx

  2. Hi, great alphabet post, and thank you for the advice on FB,X


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