Friday, 30 December 2011

Advent Swap Goodies

I want to start the new year afresh here on my blog so I am just doing some post Christmas catch up blooging to show you the rest of my advent swap goodies from the lovely Sue over at @home.
Sue and I were lucky enough to be partnered twice in a row, once for the cupcake swap and then the advent swap and it has meant that i have been able to get to know her a little better over the past few months. I know that Sue is taking a little blogging break at the moment and is planning to show you what I sent her soon but if you can't wait then I will be adding some pictures to my facebook page so pop over and take a look.

Day 16

Some sticky notes invaluable for lists etc.

Day 17

a gorgeous heart shaped soap - I love the wrapping on this and don't want to take it off.

Day 18

Another yummy chocolate treat - which I had to share again - funny how the kids didn't want to share their advent chocolate.

Day 19

This Christmas bauble which when opened contained...

the sweetest glass ladybird charm
which I now have on my new phone and some delicious chocolate coins.

Day 20

Now the whole of Sue's package smell divine as she had bought me a bath bomb from Lush which I opened on the 20th, there is no photo I'm afraid but I had the most heavenly scented long hot bath that night!!!

Day 21

A sweet hand painted Robin 

Day 22


another of Sue's truly brilliant glass miniatures - this time a Christmas tree....

here are all three of them together with Sue's cupcake in the background.
I can feel a collection of these coming on!!!

Day 23

I really couldn't capture this on camera but it is a heart map mobile with one of Sue's glass beads on the end

I could imagine these working really well for Valentines or anniversaries 
with a special place picked from the map.

and finally

Day 24

Some too pretty to blow your nose on CK tissues....

I've thoroughly enjoyed taking part in the advent swap again and would just like to thank the lovely Lynda over at hookin' with laalaa for organising the swap and to Sue for being such a wonderfully brilliant swap partner. 
Thank ladies you made my Christmas extra special...


  1. what a lovely collection of goodies well done you.


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