Saturday, 10 December 2011

When Tomas met Santa...

Today Tomas and I ventured out into the cold afternoon to see if we could visit Santa in his grotto at The Little Baddow History Centre.

As we arrived Santa pulled up his beard (lol)

and together with his elf came to say "hello".

We saw the North Pole

The reindeer

and Santa's grotto which was beautifully and naturally decorated.

Tomas wanted to bring these huge pine cones home with him.

Initially Santa thought that Tomas was a girl and gave him princess hairbands but a little while later the elf realised what had happened and we received a boys gift too. Luckily Tomas is too young to realise and was quite happy with his presents.

Tomas took a ride in Santa's sleigh

and amazingly it started it snowing!!!

Hope you all had a lovely weekend .......
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  1. Look at his little face in the 'snow'! So sweet. I love the grotto - very cosy looking.

  2. how fantastic!!! Love the "snow" what a fab afternoon.

  3. Ah bless him, he looks so cute. It looks like you both had a lovely day x x x x

  4. What a wonderful experience, I bet he will remember that forever! x

  5. he looks adorable, you just want to squish him.x


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