Sunday, 18 December 2011

He's behind you....

Yesterday after a a hearty full English brunch to celebrate Paul's birthday last week the kids and I headed off to the local village hall for the Pantomime. There was lots of booing and hissing when the King Rat the baddie came on and quite a few "he's behind you"'s too.

 Tomas was rather fidgety and I was quite glad we were sat at the back as he was in and out and under his seat quite a lot!!!! I think he enjoyed it though and he joined in quite well with all the audience participation.
The ladies that run the village hall always put on a lucky dip and the children love have a few go's, Tomas was thrilled with his Thomas train, Noddy book and soft frog toy, Jack unfortunately was caught between the boys 8-10 and the mens boxes and ended up with some shower gel, and rather unusual aftershave samples, one named Mouse??? and some good old hankies!!! Rachel relieved me of the notebook I won from the ladies box but was less chuffed with the Warner hotel shower cap, well you can't win them all can you!!! 

Today we popped over to my Nan's to share a Christmas lunch with her, my parents and my nephew. I took over some scrumptious homemade mince pies which I made last night.

Am I the only strange person that eats the raw pastry leftovers. 
Mmmm don't answer that one needless to say that I didn't quite make as many as the recipe suggested but the fresh out of the oven ones tasted delicious if I do say so myself!!
The children received lots of lovely gifts but I forgot to take my camera so no family shots today :(

My Nan still uses a film camera and it was funny when she took a couple of pictures of the kids and Tomas asked if he could see them!!! Definitely a child of the digital age!!!

We finished the evening off with a meal out at a local Indian restaurant and feeling completely stuffed came home to watch the brilliant Eddie Izzard in Lost Christmas and Just Henry. 

Finally I thought I would leave you with a picture of my latest Christmas make, another cushion.

 I also saw this one on Kirsty's 365 days of pinterest creations blog and decided I needed to make one, I'm getting quite a collection going, and I really want to try the Christmas top one and the printed ones too so watch this space.....

Hope you all had a wonderful weekend it's only one week till Christmas you know!!!!


  1. I love the audience participation of Pantomimes. I'm going to a local one in the New Year and expect to be hoarse by the time it's finished!

    I like raw pastry too, and also make a couple of small balls with leftovers for the kids to have warm, split open with butter on.

    I love your Christmas tree cushion.

  2. Pantomime with little people, awww, I'm jealous now..... I love that cushion :)
    Sue Xxx

  3. sounds like you're having a lovely festive period, enjoy Christmas x

  4. great pillow! the thought of eating raw pastry leaves me with a grimice face ;)...i would eat the mince pie any day though they look yum!x

  5. Thanks for your Comment on my Blog:)

    Yes, it is good to stand back and take stock (sorry, no pun intended!) and re-evaluate:)

    Loved reading your story of before Christmas and those Mince Pies look amazing!

    So who is the lucky owner of the cushion? Or was it a Christmas present to yourself:)
    Michelle x

  6. Hi thank you for your comment on my blog. I love researching my family tree and if I can help in any way at all with advice (though I am far from expert!) just ask. My long lost cousin found me last year and she did all my dads branch of the family tree, she did it the hard way though before the internet!

  7. Hi...just popped over via The Felt Fairy to say I am joining in the Monthly Make...hope to keep up with you through 2012...Merry Christmas...

    Kirsti xx


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