Sunday, 1 December 2013

Advent - Day 1

It's been a busy weekend with two birthday parties to attend and a Christmas tree to put up. 
I can't believe how long it took us to get the tree finished today, but finished it is! 
Okay I admit there might be a little tweaking going on over the next few days as Tomas helped and some of the decorations got bunched together. Apparently three decorations on one branch is the latest craze, can't see it catching on myself!

So here is our tree - we go for the more is more approach and put it all on!!

The older two said it looked the same as last year, but then again I guess it would!

I hope you enjoyed opening door 1 of my advent calender.

I'm joining in with Julie and Josie-Mary in sharing our advent calenders, 
pop over to Julie's blog to see who else is sharing. 


  1. Such a pretty tree. I lorve the bows.

  2. I mean love your bows. Fingers tired. Ha! Ha!

  3. Yep, my kids always did the "more is more" approach to tree decoration. Looking good,
    Joy x x

  4. Stunning tree, we are "more is more" as well, it only comes out once a year so it all has to be on show :). xx

  5. Your tree looks gorgeous.
    Ali x

  6. It looks lovely, they've done a great job.

  7. Looks lovely! I can't put my tree up yet as it is a real one and wouldn't last until Christmas day!! : )


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