Sunday, 29 December 2013


So here we are in the no man's land between Christmas and New year.
It seems I not the only one to find this time a little bit nondescript!
The excitement of Christmas Day has passed, the presents have been enjoyed and packed away ready for another day, the turkey has been eaten in a variety of ways along with a mountain of other delicious goodies and the time has come to reflect on the year that has passed and to think about the opportunities, hopes and dreams that the new year will bring.

We had a lovely relaxed Christmas but I am now getting a bit twitchy for the new year to start.
As I get older the need to keep the tree up until the 12th day gets a little harder to keep, in fairness our tree does go up on the 1st of December so we have enjoyed it's loveliness!

I have already used some of this in between time to pin new ideas and inspirations to my pinterest boards, with one friend commenting that I was so over Christmas as I pinned an Easter themed pin on Christmas day!!!

I'm also thinking that it's time to organise another swap to get my creative juices flowing again - anyone interested???

I am making use of a notebook sent to me by Kimberley over at Creative Chaos to list the things I would like to make over the next 12 months, and I have also been using this time to reflect on my makes and swaps that I haven't had time to share with you in the run up to Christmas, 
here are just a couple of things that I made that were opened on Christmas Day. 
It is strange to think that people all over the world have things in their homes made by me!!!

Here are just a few of my November and December makes

personalised aprons


japanese knot bags

personalised cushions

make up bags

personalised half aprons

Christmas sacks

angel wing hearts

Christmas stockings

and finally a personalised brownie blanket!!

Phew, I'm not sure how I managed to cram that lot in before Christmas Eve!!!


  1. Wow, how on earth did you manage to make so many things?! I don't seem to have made quite so many things this year, not sure why.

    Make the most of this restful time!


  2. You have been busy! I'm itching to take the tree down now as well and mine didn't go up until Christmas Eve so I don't know how you've managed for a whole month!

  3. Wow fantastic makes. Beautiful work. I want all the decs down now. Once christmas and Boxing Day have passed I just want it all out the way ready for the new year.

  4. I know that feeling too. Like you we also put our tree up on the 1st but with a bit of luck I am going to keep my tree up until Friday As my youngest would like me to. I would love to do a swap! xxx

  5. Yep another here in limbo land!!! Soon be over though and the routines can return. I would interested to know more about your swap idea but my crafting skills are extremely rusty so it depends what you are planning!! :) xx

  6. My tree's down already! Been up sine 1st December and was looking very sorry for itself plus I think I might be allergic to it. Like you Tracy I didn't stop before Christmas with making stuff, decs etc but I'm not doing that again as it took the excitement of Christmas away. Looking forward to the New Year now and making plans for some new ideas.
    Patricia x

  7. Dear Tracy
    I'd be up for another swap - I love taking part in them! It's good to have something creative to work towards as well.
    I'm going to keep the decorations up until 6th January (but mine have only been up for a little while as I was rather late getting organised!)
    Best wishes

  8. A swap sounds good to me.
    I'm over Christmas too now the tree won't make it to twelfth night. It's days are numbered!

  9. Wow you made such a lot. They were all so beautiful.
    I must admit I am getting itching to start getting the house back to normal.

  10. Wow, Tracy I'm so impressed with all the things you made, well done. I saw on another blog that this in-between time is called "TWIXMAS", doesn't that sound great, I love it. I've already taken everything down and am in the middle odf a major declutter in my studio ready to start 2014, but it's easier for me as I dont have children on hand. I'm up for a swap. Happy New Year x x x

  11. Wow, you have been busy - some gorgeous makes there, but no wonder you need a break! Seriously contemplating dismantling our tree & decs soon too, but feel a wee bit obliged to wait until our guests have departed. Yes please to another swap :-)
    Btw, am intruiged by your Japanese bags - they look fab.
    Wishing you a very happy & creative new year ahead. Xx

  12. I didn't get many makes made this year, one minute it was the first November, next it was Christmas Eve!
    Our tree always comes down on 1st January, something my mum used to do, to start the new year afresh.
    Julie xxxxxxxxx


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