Monday, 23 December 2013

Fairy Swap

Are you busy with your Christmas preparations?? We're off to visit family today so I thought I would share my fairy swap photos with you before we go.
 A little while ago I signed up for a fairy/angel swap organised by Betty the Wood Fairy and I was lucky enough to be partnered with Linda from Linda Wilks who turned out to live only a few miles away in a nearby village. 
Linda and I swapped emails and arranged a meet up for last Friday.
It's always lovely and nerve-wracking to meet your swap partner in person but I needn't have worried as Linda made me feel so welcome in her wonderful home and we chatted away whilst enjoying a cup of tea and a slice of delicious homemade cake. 
We decided to open our packages at the same time and this is the wonderful fairy that Linda made for my tree.

How cute is she?

she has been beautifully made and I love her hairband and flower, 
and see those wings, they are amazing

They are made from fabric and pva glue, something I have never tried before but I think I might just have to have a go.

She also has dainty feet and pointed toes so that she can dance the night away with the drummer boy!

She even has frilly knickers under her red starry dress but I couldn't possibly show you those!!!

Tied to her wrist was the festive handmade label.

She fits in so perfectly with my red, green and gold colour scheme and I think that she likes her new home. She now just needs a name???

Thank you Linda for being such a lovely swap partner and I'm looking forward to meeting up with you again in the new year.

Here is the fairy that I made for Linda, having read stalked her blog I found that Linda has a passion for gardening so I thought of a flowerpot fairy. She kind of evolved over time and at one stage looked like a ten pin bowling pin! Ideas were thought and bits added until she finally looked like this….

Here are our two fairies together, don't they look fab!

I really enjoyed this swap so thank you Betty for organising and thanks once again to Linda for being such a kind and generous partner.


  1. What a beautiful pair of fairies, and how nice that you could meet up. Best wishes for a happy festive season,
    Love Joy x x x

  2. What beautiful fairies and very talented ladies. xx

  3. You have both made beautiful fairies and it is so lovely that you met up! Merry Christmas Tracy. Jille xxx

  4. Fabulous makes by two talented ladies, and how nice to actually meet too. Another friend made via the good old Internet.

  5. What a lovely idea. Both fairies are so beautifully made. Nice to meet a new friend in person. Merry Christmas.

  6. Beautiful fairies, this has been a really fun swap - it's lovely that you both got to meet too! Betty

  7. Love the fairies and a lovely swap too. How lovely that you could meet up. I too live fairly nearby and would love to meet up with you both sometime. Hope you have a fabulous Christmas Tracy with all your family.
    Patricia x

  8. Thank you also Tracey for being such a great swap partner. I'm glad we met in person if only for a short while. Glad you like your fairy i know i love mine. Hope you have a lovely Christmas and hope to meet up in the new year.........xx

  9. Really lovely fairies!! And so nice that you live near enough to each other to meet up!! : )


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