Sunday 15 December 2013

Cracker Swap Update

Thank you to everyone that has contacted me regarding your crackers it seems that the majority of your crackers have arrived safely or are on their way.

I'm really looking forward to seeing all your crackers and their contents don't forget the flickr group is a great place for sharing photos too.

Last week my cracker arrived all the way from Tennessee, Belinda's blog is a new one to me so it has been lovely getting to know her a little better.

Here is what I received.

a very festive cracker tied with festive ribbon

a super cute teddy that was quickly nabbed by Tomas.

Under the first layer of fabric was another layer

here are both my fabrics and ribbons, 
next I emptied the cracker and this is what I found inside.

yummy sweets - these definitely didn't last very long!

yummy erasers - sadly not edible but very delicious looking - these were claimed by Rachel!

Some cute mini gingerbread men pegs

some bright hands buttons

a pair of pretty dangly earrings

two large red jingle bells

lots of bright green buttons

and three ladybird ones

and finally some peppermint chocolate tea - which i have yet to try.

Here are all my goodies together, thank you Belinda for being such a lovely swap partner my cracker should be winging its way to you very shortly.


  1. What generous gifts you received from Belinda and all really fun. I just looked at her blog, she's a clever lady we could all learn from - her budgeting is impressive. Betty

  2. Wow - so much in one cracker - would never have believed it.

  3. That is one cute little bear! I should do this swap next year if you go ahead again with it.

  4. Lovely cracker! I am still waiting for my cracker to arrive safely in South Africa before I open mine which has already arrived. Sue x

  5. I'm so glad you enjoyed your cracker, Tracy! I had fun making it and look forward to doing this again. :)

  6. A fabulous cracker to receive. I am kicking myself I didn't sign up for the cracker swap this year, ah well there's always next year!


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