Sunday, 6 January 2013

Cracker Swap

I was lucky to be partnered four times with the Cracker Swap, I have already blogged about three of them and tonight I wanted to show you what the lovely Amanda from crafty in the med sent me.
A lovely letter

Two delicious almond and chocolate nutty bars, which didn't last very long!

A ceramic mini jug and a Spanish lady

Amanda made me these very cute Christmas tree decorations, a 3D one topped with a star

And this sequinned and beaded one.

My cracker also included lots of pretty lace, which I can't wait to use.

More crafty goodies in the way of googly eyes and brads.

My cracker was tied with silver sequin strands which again I will be using in my crafting. I have got back into cross stitch again so I shall be choosing a project for me to use this aida band.

And finally here is a picture of all my cracker goodies together, thank you Amanda for sending me such a lovely cracker all the way from Spain.

I have really enjoyed putting together my crackers and I have received some lovely gifts in return. And if you're interested I will definitely be hosting this swap again this year!
One thing I have realised though it that I am absolutely rubbish at taking photos of what I send in my swaps the only picture I have is of my mug rugs/mini quilts that I made, this is the first time I have made anything like this and it's very addictive especially making them individual. I also found an absolutely fantastic and easy to do tutorial for the binding which I shall blog about very soon.

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  1. Hi Tracy, the cracker swap was a runaway success, perhaps you could organise a summer one, too. When my lads were at infant school (back in the previous century!), I used to help with the Summer and Christmas Fairs, we always did a cracker stall at the Xmas one, and a jamjar stall at the summer one, the jamjars had small gifts in, and were decorated. OK I know that sending a jamjar through the post is not a good idea, so maybe use something else, like a cardboard tub similar to gravy granules or breadcrumbs perhaps. Now I've had that idea, if you dont want to do it, maybe I'll do it myself as a midsummer swap? Let me know what you think, Joy x x

    1. Hi joy, I've sent to a message about the swap!!

  2. Participating in the Cracker swap was so much fun and I'd love to participate again. I might just start looking around for pretty bits and pieces to include.
    Anne xx

  3. Such lovely goodies, and ooh yes please do post that tutorial for easy binding! I haven't made a mug rug yet, but it's on my list to try this year so any tips are welcome.
    Happy day xx

  4. Hello Tracy
    I thoroughly enjoyed this swap and was very pleased with all that you sent. I'd be very interested in the tutorial for binding because I am very new to sewing machine sewing and I just don't know where to start where binding is concerned. The individual tea mat you sent me is lovely but I am not using it ...its going on my kitchen wall..not sure how yet but its too good to get stained by tea. You can count me in for next Christmas cracker swap if you do it please :-)

    keep well

    Amanda :-)

  5. Lovely gifts seems like a fun thing to do!


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