Saturday, 5 January 2013

The BIG tidy up

Today has been a busy one, Paul has been going mad with the jet wash on the patio, it looks lovely and clean but it also meant that we are going to have to replace the garden table and chairs as the table broke when it was moved, also a couple of the chairs had seen better days. We just have to decide now what to replace it with before the summer comes!
I haven't been idle either, I was really busy before Christmas with orders and a few last minutes family makes. (which I shall blog about soon) I didn't finish sewing until Christmas Eve and because I had other things to do I just walked out and shut the door!! So today has been operation tidy up, I had cleared away lots of rubbish mainly unusable cast offs from my nan! I had tidied away my Christmas fabrics and cleared my cutting table. Boxes have been put away and floor space has been found! I posted some before and after photos on Facebook and thought I would share them here too. Here's hoping I can keep it this tidy!
Oh the shame!

And after a hard day's graft.

Now I'm all ready to get back into sewing when the kids go back to school next week.


  1. Dear Tracy
    A good job done well! I have serious envy of your fabulous work room and look forward to seeing your next projects now that everything is shipshape for 2013.
    Best wishes

  2. Woo hoo! Well done. You should have seen the husband's face when I showed him these pics! :) he says I will never have such a shed which is a pity!! Just have to wait for someone to leave home! Letter in post on Friday finally.

  3. That's a very impressive work space!


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