Saturday, 19 January 2013


Please tell me I not the only one who feels like hibernating during this cold spell?
I have taken to wearing tights under my jeans and extra socks too! The only time I venture out is the school run, although Paul and I did sneak out yesterday morning for a hearty cooked breakfast at our favourite American diner!
This feeling is not helping with my aims for 2013 of taking more photos and crafting more, this week especially my mojo seems to have gone into hibernation too.
I have been enjoying reading all your blogs, seeing what you have been making and where in the country has the most snow, I think we have been a bit cheated here in Essex, although I for one am not complaining, as they promised us lots of snow yesterday but it just hasn't arrived. First they said 9am, then 11am, then 3pm but other than a very light dusting there hasn't been any snow to speak of!
I did manage to start on my knitting practice at the beginning of the week with the help of my giveaway win book

I thought I would go right back to basics and find out if I was knitting left handed or right handed and it turns out that I knit right handed, so no more leftie excuses!

I just used a bright chunky yarn to make sure I could see any mistakes, my end stitches seem a bit loose so if any of you knitters out there have any tips then please let me know

I'm looking forward to trying some more of the stitches in the book as it seems to describe well each different technique and I would love to make something with cable stitch. I think I may have found the perfect project, as I didn't want to make something too big like a jumper. I picked up this fab book in the charity shop the other day for £2.50 (before this cold spell) and it has some lovely projects including a bag using cable stitch!

So I have the book, I probably also have some yarn somewhere in my stash I now just need the umph to start knitting!!!

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  1. You are not the only one who feels like hibernating. I too have leggings under my jeans! Perhaps a little sewing project this morning? ;)

  2. I want to hibernate too, its cold! We like you had very little snow just enough to make it look pretty!
    Julie xxxxxxx

  3. You're right about the lack of snow here in Essex. If we were to listen to the media hype we'd have battened down the hatches and gone to ground by now! We've had the merest of mere dusting of snow and am bored with the whole thing now. Really dashed my excitement of getting out there with my camera this weekend. Keep warm.
    Patricia x

  4. Oh you lucky duck getting that Debbie BLiss book for a bargain price.I'd buy it off you for a fiver!lol It's my favourite pick from the library! I love the moss stitch beret in it. I always slip my first stitch on the row and work into the back of my last stitch. Gives a nice finish. We're snowed-in here - looks pretty but ever-so-disruptive.Have a cosy weekend. x

  5. Far too much snow here, pop down and take some if you like. Just been down to supermarket, took my camera but didnt dare get it out as I was very wobbly on icy paths. Wearing long-johns under joggers, long thick socks over joggers, looking v. glam.
    Good to see you starting over with the knitting, if it helps with the looseness, you can slip the first stitch of each row, or knit both ends of each purl row, either way it should solve the problem (and help when stitching together).

  6. I wish I could hibernate, but too many animals that need feeding ,walking etc. Love my evenings when I can just relax in front of the woodburner, with my laptop or knitting basket.

  7. No hibernation here - I love walking the dogs in the snow! We were promised lots yesterday too, but it just didn't happen. Good luck with the knitting - the DB bliss book is on my wish list but maybe I'll find a bargain one like you.

  8. Oh my goodness, we are hibernating here tonight! It was plus 3 yesterday and we are getting down to -27 tonight with a wind chill of -37 and the high tomorrow... -21. I think I will be staying in all day tomorrow, great day for knitting and a movie! Enjoy the knitting!

  9. Went on an 8 mile walk in the snow yesterday, one of our regular routes but it took a lot longer than usual!

  10. Love walking in the snow, except this morning, Sunday, woke up feeling terrible, and my voice is all husky. Looks like I will be hybernating today.
    With the first stitch on each row I would pull it a little more tight when you knit it, maybe that will help, to keep it tighter.

  11. I'm so with you on the hibernation thing - and I've been wearing 4 layers all week (including, dare I confess, thermal leggings under my jeans!)
    Well done with the knitting - I always slip the first stitch of every row, and knit into the back of the last stitch in every row - it' almost gives you a nice, neat selvedge. Give it a try and see what you think.
    Happy Sunday

  12. I am spending far too much time sitting by the fire, but I do have to walk the dog and let the chooks out, so I have been forced out into the snow (and with my son forcing me out as well!!) I have a knitting magazine that I brought (the one with free wool and needles!!) but I haven't got into it you, my 'mojo' seems to have gone into hibernation....roll on Spring!! :)


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