Saturday, 1 January 2011

Advent Swap 20 & 21

I'm back again - Rachel has made another lovely all-in-one fruit cake, a recipe my Nan gave her the other day, tastes delicious with custard so that's pudding sorted for later!
We're having a late full english breakfast/brunch this morning and then dressing up warmly and are off out to the lakes for a nice refreshing walk. Then later a delicious lamb roast dinner!!! Mmm!!! I shan't be able to move later..

The real reason for this post is to show the the latest in my Advent Swap gifts so here is Day 20
a lovely heart decoration (looks like two candy canes put together)
Day 21
I love all the fragrance samples that Annie has sent as I tend to stick with the same perfumes and this has been a real chance to experiment with some some scents.

Off to check on the sausages and put on the fried bread!!!
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  1. Cooked brekkie sounds yummy....Happy New Year, enjoy your walk x

  2. Lovely advent gifts! Happy New Year! :) x


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