Wednesday, 5 January 2011

And so it begins......

The work on the house that is
today we finally replaced the last two wooden windows in our house, with some lovely double glazed ones!!! oh the more morning condensation, and no more draughts!!!
It was too late tonight when they finished to take any photos so i shall take some tomorrow to show you them all lovely and new because I've no doubt once the novelty of shiny new windows has worn off I shall turn a blind eye to the sticky fingers, nose marks  and the odd lick!!!!

And we're not stopping there....

on Friday we're having an oak porch fitted to the back door (it's really a side door but its our back door if you know what i mean)this was supposed to have been fitted before Christmas and I was going to buy lots of pretty lights and pots to decorate it but unfortunately the chappie who is making it chopped off the top of one of his fingers (hope he didn't get any blood on my new porch!)and so it was delayed. I shall keep all my sparkly Christmas ideas for next year!!!because the novelty of the new porch would have worn off and I won't mind sticking pins/nails in it to hold up all the lovely sparkly lights!!!

We've then got the weekend to empty the kitchen (you remember last year we built an orangery and knocked down two walls in the kitchen)of all it's clutter before Ben the Builder is back to work some magic, plastering walls and ceilings, laying floors, fitting kitchens so that we can really use all the lovely new space that we created last year! The orangery will be painted and is getting new flooring too
I have no idea how we are going to eat, drink, wash dishes, wash clothes etc but it will be worth it when it's all finished.

I think Tompom and I will be popping out a lot!!!leaving Paul to project manage - which he does so brilliantly!!!

I'm hoping to set the computer up in Rachel's room for the next couple of weeks so will try and pop in when i can but i think she might object to me tapping away at the keyboard whilst she's trying to sleep!!


  1. really looking forward to seeing pictures of work in progress and your new windows, we were to have had phase 2 of our building work done this year, but I'm afraid I'm just not ready for 3 months of disruption, so its postponed for a while.
    good luck
    joy xx

  2. Good luck with all your work, it drove me mad when we had builders in last year but it was worth it in the end.. Now I'm just plucking up the enthusiasm to have the kitchen refitted!! Remember to show us pics
    Pene x

  3. Looking forward to seeing pics of the work. I'm terribly nosey and love to see other peoples homes, I just can't help it x

  4. Lovely to hear from you Tracy. Unfortunately, I don't have any of those beads left, I used them to make something for us both.

    I hope the work goes well, it is going to be lovely when finished.

    Have a great weekend. Lorraine x

  5. Good luck with all the work, I'm sure it will look fab when it's all finished x


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