Monday, 10 January 2011

The windows are in!

Last Thursday the guys came to fit the new windows, I had hoped to blog over the weekend to keep you all up to date as to how the work was going but there was a slight change of plan and instead of having the weekend to clear the kitchen before work started on Monday the builders were coming to start on Saturday!!! Needless to say I was still clearing out STUFF whilst they were here. Luckily we have known our builders for some time and can work around each other, and as long as I keep them plied with tea and bacon sandwiches everything works fine..
Right back to Thursday and the windows, luckily the weather was fine on Thursday and in no time at all the old bedroom window was out and the new frame in.
Sorry the photo aren't great but it was a case of a quick snap as I had to keep Tompom out of the way as I had visions of him getting a little too close to the gaping holes we now had in the rooms. We were really surprised the difference from the stripped wood of the old windows to the lovely white of the new ones how much brighter the room feels and I am very tempted to paint the hall door frames and the staircase white now...
I know many people don't like UPVC windows but what we liked is the fact that you can't really tell from the back of the house that we have UPVC and next door have wooden windows. And the lovely thing is that we no longer have cold rooms and definitely no more major maintenace to do!!!

So that's one job finished I shall try and post later about the porch!!! you can just see it in the last picture...
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  1. I am a real fan of UPVC windows, I think they look great, as you say, bright and maintenance free.
    In this house we inherited anglian windows with wooden frames, and I would change them tomorrow if I could.
    really enjoying watching your transformations,
    joy xx

  2. Looking good....and I'm all for maintenance free! x

  3. We have been working through our house changing them as well. The better insulation and maintenance free has to be a bonus!

  4. Looks great! I agree about upvc windows too, the wooden ones get so much condensation and grow mold! :) x

  5. Hey there, I gave you a blog award! check it out if you get a minute :)

  6. Hi, The window looks great and what we can see of the prch looks just fantastic! Thank you for following me, I am now following you too and looking forward to seeing lots more!
    Andrea x

  7. Hi, I'm your partner for the "spread the bloggy love swap" so I hope to get to know you a little bit in the next few weeks, I'll go and have a nosey round your blog!! Lucey xx


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