Saturday, 1 January 2011

Advent Swap Day 22 & 23

We're nearly there with me showing you all the lovely gifts that I received in my advent swap - Annie was so generous and thoughtful with what she chose for me and I have loved every minute of this swap (I think I may have mentioned that before - several times) I've already signed up for my first swap of the year and will do a seperate post later telling you all about it!! but it's a lovely idea all about spreading the bloggy love!

Right back to Advent
Day 22
I loved this idea a crystal drop with a picture on the back, it was really hard to photograph so you're just have to take my word for how gorgeous it is!!!

Day 23

Who can resist Crafty Goodies especially when you find threads, lace, buttons and more inside!!!

Breakfast was delicious and now we just have the clearing up to do - the walk might be off the cards as Jack has a cough and a sore throat so I may just venture out in the garden for a bit!!!
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  1. Lovely stuff. Happy New Year !!
    Twiggy x

  2. Happy New Year, your advent goodies are a real delight....


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