Wednesday, 26 January 2011

Extremely Exhausted but Thoroughly Thrilled.......

with my new kitchen.......

the past two weeks have been totally exhausting but we are finally at the end of our mammoth kitchen makeover and I love it!!!! we still have a little finishing off to do, touching up paint work, glossing etc but after two weeks of no sink, cooker or washing machine and making food/teas in the garage, builders arriving at 7.30am whilst its still dark and then leaving when it's got dark again!!!! we finally have a shiny new kitchen and every morning when i come downstairs I still can't believe it's my house!!!! (we have lived with our temporary kitchen since last summer).

I have sooooo much to show you and sooooo much to catch up on that I think I shall have to been surgically removed from the computer!!!! 

Unfortunately the computer is still in Rachel's room at the moment so my on line time is on a 9.30pm curfew so bear with me.......i will keep you posted!!!!


  1. Looking forward to the unveiling of the kitchen makeover. Very impressed with your builders arriving at 7:30am and leaving when its dark, a 'proper' days work ;0) xx

  2. so looking forward to seeing some pictures, well done. its not easy having builders in, but so worth it when they've done.
    joy xx

  3. so glad it's finished for you! I can't imagine what a nightmare it was before. I'm looking forward to seeing pics too x


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