Friday, 16 December 2016

Advent Day 16

With Mr Madaboutbags and Master Madaboutbags out at the cinema this morning I was able to catch up on some last minute sewing my final swaps of 2016. I was having trouble deciding what to make for one of them and after thrashing out some ideas with my sewing box buddies on Tuesday night I had a few ideas on the table, but then this morning I had an ephinany moment and knew exactly what I wanted to make and I'm glad to say I really pleased with how it turned out. Anyone else work better under pressure? With too much time I tend to faff around, Pinterest has a lot to answer for when it comes to procrastinating!! 
I still have one last thing to finish tomorrow and then I'll be closing the door on my sewing room until the new year. My Christmas bunting never made it to the cutting table but there is always next year. 
Anyhow my photo today to join in with Julie's Scrapbook Advent Calendar is ....

Christmas wouldn't be Christmas without a box of Quality Street, although the tins are definitely smaller than I remember as a child and because they are now in the shops from September we have usually polished off at least one box before Christmas Day has arrived. My favourites were always the purples ones with the hazelnut in caramel but I have been favouring the pink fudges and the blue coconut ones this year. There are always the ones left that no one eats, these used to be the round gold toffee ones but this year Master Madaboutbags has decided these are his favourites so I think between us all there won't be any sorry looking chocolates lingering in the bottom of the box and then we can start on the tin of Roses!!! 
Do you have a favourite?? 


  1. Oh, those purple chocolates with the hazelnut inside ... those were a favourite around our house as kids too. I haven't had them in years.

    My mom and I shared a smallish box of Purdy's chocolates. Like you, there were no icky un-favourites in that box this year. I used to really dislike the orange cremes or the strawberry cremes (they tasted to me like cough syrup), and my little sis and I would only venture to try them when everything else was gone.

    Wishing you a happy weekend, Tracy, and the best and merriest Christmas.

  2. Those chocolates look so good in their bright candy wrappers! We always had a box or two of See's chocolates and there was always a couple of them which someone had bitten into and put back since the filling wasn't to their liking! The joys of children and Christmas. Wishing you a festive weekend, Pat xx

  3. Definitely work better under pressure, and like you if I have time on my hands I'm on instagram or pinterest for ideas, and it isn't until like you I have an Epiphany moment nothing happens

    Julie xxxxx

  4. I love the soft centres, whatever the flavour. My son and daughter-in-law used to hang them on their Christmas tree and then eat them over the next few days. Saves putting away the baubles at the end of 12th night.


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