Saturday, 24 December 2016

Advent Day 19 - 23

My blogging seems to have suffered a slight domino effect, I missed posting my advent calendar photo on the 19th and then the others just followed, so I'm playing catch up again whilst enjoying a breather during our Christmas Eve preparations. So joining in with Julie's Scrapbook Advent Calendar. 

Day 19 - I've been wanting to buy this star lamp for a while having seen it on the West Barn IG feed. It adds a beautiful glow to our conservatory and my sparkly reindeer seem to like it. 

Day 20 - This year I signed up again for Amy's Christmas Card Swap over at Love Made My Home and I was partnered with Lisa over at Jumble and Jelly. After emailing back and forth we came to the conclusion we had been swap partners before but neither of us could remember when or what the swap was! (another Brenda moment as Mr Madaboutbags would say). Lisa sent me this lovely card and funnily enough it was our very first Christmas card of the year too. I completely forgot to take a photo of the card I sent Lisa but if you pop over to Amy's blog she has a little linky party going on where you can see all the cards sent and received. Thank you Amy this was a lot of fun again and a lovely way to find new blogs. 

Day 21 - I think there is an elf in my living room! Master Madaboutbags feeling festive and watching TV. 

Day 22 - Thursday was unseasonably warm and sunny, the perfect weather for a romp in the woods. For the past couple of years our local VisitParks rangers have organised The Big Winter Feed at Danbury Lakes. They hang stockings throughout the woods which the children fill with wild bird seed. This is then collected up by the rangers and used during the colder months to feed the birds and squirrels. Along the route there were also bird related cracker jokes, wild bird information posters and a bird tracker trail. Unfortunately I didn't take many photos as my phone battery died about 15 mins after we arrived. We finished off our walk with a hot chocolate around the camp fire before heading home. 

Day 23 - Usually I am up late on Christmas Eve frantically wrapping presents but this year I decided to be a bit more organised and started wrapping earlier. This also means it's harder for Miss Madaboutbags to find out what her presents are! I found this super Santa stamp wrapping paper in M and S, half price too 

and I have a few left to do tonight and some ribbons to add but this will have to wait until Mini Master Madaboutbags is fast asleep. It could be another late one but I'm hoping that the excitement for tomorrow will wear him out! 

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  1. Thank you for joining the card swap, glad you enjoyed it, even if you and Lisa were mystified!! Sorry to be late, just catching up. Hope you had a good Christmas!


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