Sunday, 18 December 2016

Advent Day 17

Boy, it's been foggy out there today, poor  Mr Madaboutbags had to conquer the M25 early this morning to collect Miss Madaboutbags (and all her washing) from university. He said it was like pea soup and despite a slight delay on the way back they were home by 10.30am.
This afternoon Master Madaboutbags and I went off to one of the local village halls to watch the Beauty and the Beast  
Pantomime put on my the amateur dramatic group. We also dropped off the Giant Master Madaboutbags at the sports field opposite as he wanted some fresh air and to kick his rugby ball about. This is what it was like when we arrived!!!
He seemed happy enough despite the fog do we left him to it and headed off to the village hall to watch the pantomime. 
The ladies that run the village always put on a lucky dip and when we arrived one of the ladies mentioned the fact that I only had Master Madaboyrbags with me this year, and it got me thinking that we've probably been coming to the pantomime here for about 9 years when the Giant Master Madaboutbags wasn't so giant and Miss Madaboutbags was part of the chorus line. After several go's on the lucky dip, we took our seats and the Pantomime began. We had lots of fun booing the wicked witch and shouting 'poodle power' for the French poodle narrator when needed. There was even the obligatory audience singalong and a lovely happy ending. I managed a couple of quick snapshots at the end of the show so my photo for Day 17 of Julie's Scrapbook Advent Calendar is...
Not only was it still foggy outside but it was also pitch black and I think Giant Master Madaboutbags was glad to get home in the warm, hasn't put him off though as he wants to go again!!  


  1. Its hard when the children grow and they don't want to join in anymore

    Julie xxxxxxx

  2. Tracy, this looks like a magical day. I wish panto was a tradition here too. Happy Christmas to you from your 'sister from another mister' in Waikuku, NZ x x x x


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