Monday, 19 December 2016

Cracker Swap 2016

I know some of you have already received your crackers and again I'm amazed at how much you have all managed to squeeze inside this kitchen rolls. I had two swap partners in the cracker swap and their parcels are flying their way across the water and should be arriving in America very soon. 
My cracker from Melissa (Iluvmybaronie over on Instagram) arrived on Friday. Melissa described the cracker as a physics defying burrito and she wasn't wrong. 
It was a tug of war to get the fabric rolled parcel out of the tube. 
Inside was some try grid interfacing which I can't wait to use and a cute spool quilt block pattern. 
It was like my very own game of "pass the parcel" as there was another layer of fabric and inside was this gem of a Christmas tree mini quilt. 
Isn't it fab!! 
When I mentioned to Melissa about pass the parcel she hadn't heard of it and had to look it up on google so my question to you American ladies is, do you know what pass the parcel is and did you play it at parties? As Melissa said she wasn't sure if it was a popular game or just that she didn't go to many parties!!! 


  1. Will be adding swap details to my blog today. Laptop not charging very well but has decided to come operate this morning.

  2. This is a lovely idea! Pass the parcel? I not only Googled I watched a video! It was this 64 year old Americans' first time hearing of this game. I think I still have enough time to pull it together for Christmas brunch! Thanks for the idea!


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