Thursday, 13 May 2010

Good Enough To Eat - Yes They were......

It's been a busy day here at Mad About Bags HQ, Tompom and I spent the morning at Toddler group, I had the chance to catch up on some girly gossip and Tompom had a chance to climb and slide, and generally have a fun time, then it was home for lunch and nap time (Tompom not me!!) and in the afternoon I had a friend coming over for coffee so there was a mad dash around with the hoover and duster to make the place look a bit presentable!!! I had to keep myself busy as when I got home from Toddler group my Good Enough To Eat parcel had arrived from Dawn (aka A Country Girl) over at Life on the East Coast and although I was tempted to just rip it open I wanted to wait so the I could take photos to share with you all. So here is what I received all prettily wrapped in cupcake paper.

A huge slice of cake that is beautifully made and even Jack was tempted to take a bite!!!Cherry key/bag charm which I love as I have had my eye on some cherry fabric to make myself a bag with and this will just finish it off a treat!!!A rosy red crocheted apple coaster, my apologies Dawn as in my haste to open and take photos I think I have photographed the back and not the front)Now I could smell the mango and peach of this candle as soon as I opened it and as you can see the temptation was too much for Tompom and he made a grab for itHe was unsure as to whether he should just smell it or bite it, I did the kind thing and told him to just smell it!!!!Next to be opened was a delicious bar of chocolate, I can say it was delicious as it has now all been eaten (I did share I promise) you can see in the photograph of all my goodies together that the chocolate bar has been opened that happened when I took all my goodies in to show Paul and as I passed him the chocolate he had unwrapped it and helped himself to a chunk or three before I could say anything!!! Now the last package was a box (like you get when you buy truffles) and was fastened with a ribbon and as I opened it this it what I found, now I wish there was a smellablog button here in blogland as these smell divine and they are so realistic I wasn't sure at first if I could really eat one...but Dawn am I right in thinking they are for the bath and definitely not to be consumed??? I will not be sharing these and I think they will be saved for those rare times that as a woman you get to have a long luxurious bath alone with a book with the bathroom door firmly bolted....Here you can see all my "Good Enough To Eat" goodies together and inside the cupcake card is a recipe for Orange Drizzle Cake which I will definitely try out..I've thoroughly enjoyed this swap and I just want to say a big THANK YOU to Dawn for sending me such a superb selection of goodies and well done to Claire and Em for organizing this super swap. Ooohhh and here is a little tease Dawn as to what is on it's way to you as we speak.....


  1. What lovely goodies, I can't wait to receive my parcel! What a very lovely swap this has been. Justine xxx

  2. Your tales of Tompom make me smile, I have a wee one myself of perhaps similar age judging by their antics!
    What a fabulous swap. Gutted I missed out on that one!
    Fiona @ Christals Creations

  3. What a lovely parcel, im loving seeing what everyone sending xxx

  4. What a great load of goodies. I hope you get to have that nice relaxing bath with those fizzes soon. Have a great weekend. xxx Pixie xxx

  5. What lovely goodies - and the cupcake wrapping paper is sooo perfect! Thanks for sharing x

  6. Glad you like it! Yes, they ARE for the bath, if you can bear to use them!
    Thanks so much for my parcel, really lovely!

  7. Fab swap parcel, I really like the cherry key ring, what a clever idea.
    Hope your having a lovely week so far and enjoying this beautiful


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