Saturday, 15 May 2010

I LOVE blogging!!!!!

Probably like many of you I was a bit skeptical about blogging to begin with and wasn't sure what I'd write about and who would read it but I have to say I LOVE BLOGGING!!!! I've met (not in person - yet!!!) some lovely people along the way and now follow lots of different blogs and have joined in several swaps, which has brought about a real enjoyment for crafting. But what I really love is the power of blogging, not only how everyone looks out for each other and is always on hand to lend an ear or a shoulder to cry on, to shout out well done and congratulations but how it also brings out the natural giver in us all. (I've also been watching How to live a simple life on BBC2). I've been lucky to be on the receiving end of this giving by a round about way Vicki over at Vintage Vicki and in a direct way from Lisa at Kandipandi. Vicki blogged recently that she had a spare copy of the latest Cath Kidston magazine and would be willing to send someone a copy if they wanted, well unfortunately for me there was more than me who had yet to see a copy of this magazine (I know - where have we been living all us Cath Kidston Virgin's) and Vicki was sending her copy all the way over to New Zealand. But rather than leave it there Vicki sent me an email saying that Lisa had another copy to send if I still wanted one, Yes please said I and so yesterday this arrived on the doormat. (well not really on the doormat as we have a postbox on the gate but I've used poetic licence to make it sound much nicer!!!)

Now I'm not really a girly girl, although I do like a bit of floral, and I wasn't sure if Cath was for me, but I have to say I loved the magazine and my favourite has to be this tablecloth, closely followed by the basket

Ooohh! and this messenger bag too.

Luckily for me Lisa also popped in the 15% off voucher so there might even be a bit of retail therapy going on soon!!!!
So I just wanted to say a big thank you to both Vicki and Lisa for being terrific bloggers and for helping me lose my Cath Kidston virginity!!! thanks girls!!!
Finally here's what I caught Tompon reading a little later!!!!!

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  1. Blog world is fab isn't it. I have a copy of that mag too and think it is a fab idea to pass it on, may do that when I have finished swooning over it :-)

  2. I still find it really amazing to find so many like minded people in one place, some of my friends just don't get my crafting bug.. Great mag isn't it I love that messanger bag too and I don't think that it would be to difficult to make one..

  3. Hi Tracy,
    Glad you got the mag, just wanted to let you know that next time you can order the CK mag on the Cath Kidston website and its free and free P+P too :) xxx

  4. Glad it got there you are very welcome! I have been overwhelmed at the kindness of strangers I have 'met' in blogland it is a fab resource. I love the CK stuff and would love lots of bits in there, but I am trying to be good (perhaps until payday :) )
    Kandi xx

  5. I love it when a plan comes together :)

    Glad you like it.

    Thanks to Kandi too :)

  6. blogging is all to me but have to agree - I love it!


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