Saturday, 1 May 2010

A Birthday day!!

Today Rachel celebrated her 12th birthday and it was a present of the furry kind that she wanted; more guinea pigs.

Lottie and Poppy arrived home here last week (a little early birthday present) along with a new hutch to join Splodge and Truffle at Guinea Pig Corner.

It had been a tense few weeks as we waited for the guinea pigs to be old enough to come home and we had visited several times to admire them, but the lady at the nursery had been steadfast in so much as she wouldn't take our names or sex the babies until they were ready to go (even though Paul and I had visited the nursery the day before). So last Saturday Paul and Rachel set off at 7am , (I was quietly tucked up in bed) to make sure they had first refusal on any of the girls. Luckily for Rachel two of her favourites turned out to be girls and were back home in their new hutch by about 8.30am.

Rachel did have a few presents to open this morning, as well as a gorgeous bouquet of flowers (she had requested flowers after seeing my beautiful birthday bouquets) my baby girl is growing up fast.

Although I have to say I think she found this birthday a little of an anti climax as all her main presents were here last weekend and she has decided that next year she would like to actually open her presents on her birthday. Also we had planned a sleepover tonight for two of her friends but due to the bank holiday this has been rescheduled for next weekend instead. So I think there will be lots of fun, games and giggling but not a lot of sleep going on!!! Oh to be 12 !!!!!!!


  1. What a lovely post, and a fab birthday it seems! Guinea Pigs are very cute aren't they? sadly ours passed away last year and as the garden at our new place is much smaller we cannot get anymore - the 2 huge rabbits we have take up all the room! Happy Birthday to your daughter, Justine xx

  2. 要保持更新呦,加油!!!期待你的新文章!!! .........................................

  3. What lovely Guinea Pigs, and isn't it lovely when a little girl gets her first floral bouquet? A real sign of growing up.

  4. Sounds like she had a lovely birthday :)
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    thanks xxx


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