Tuesday, 11 May 2010

A lesson learnt!!!

I learnt a very important lesson today whilst shopping at the charity shops, (we have 5 all in the same street). "What did you learn Tracy?", I hear you ask, "impart your useful knowledge"....


Don't do what I did and spot a lovely old padded stool with storage, that when rubbed down and repainted and recovered would look lovely in my summerhouse to hold my sewing bits and bobs and was only £8.99, don't say to the man at the till "I'm really interested in that stool but I need to pop to the other shops first and then I will be back and can carry it to my car" and then walk out of the shop (not having paid for the stool) and then whilst you are in another charity shop watch someone walk in carrying your lovely wanted stool, clutching it tightly to their bosom like a child, in fear that a mad flame haired woman might grab it from you shouting "it's mine I saw it first!!!"......

How cross am I........... lesson learnt BIG TIME!!!!!

On a brighter note I did pick up some books and a couple of bags to embellish, (one my daughter has bagged already and one to carry my camera and camcorder in) and a lovely pair of Monsoon Trousers...

Ill post some before and after photos of the bags once they are finished...

Oooo..... just wanted to say thanks for the lovely comments regarding the cake I made for Rachel's sleepover, it's a great no cook cheats cake as i used swiss roll for the bodies and small fairy cakes for the faces and then everything else is just icing.


  1. Oh yes. I had to learn that too. Dear me i was upset. And not only once,i done that few times-silly me.
    Have a good day xxxx

  2. I've done that too, bloody annoying when that happens. Thanks for popping by and joining in my swap. xxx Pixie xxx

  3. A big gggggrrrrrrrr! oohh you must have been annoyed! I am always doing things like that and still haven't learnt my lesson :-(

  4. I learnt that lesson a while ago too! Very annoying... Thanks for tips for your lovely cake...

  5. Hi Thanks for you message which ked me to your great blog.
    Shame about your stool, I did similar thing at a car boot sale recently :(
    Love the sleepover cake
    Sue x


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