Monday, 10 May 2010

Weekend Makes

Life has got in the way of blogging again this week and I have been feeling a little overwhelmed by things this past week, so in attempt to see things in a more positive light I thought I would post about our weekend makes.

Rachel made some Melting Moments - this was an assessment for tech class so we had a couple of practice runs and I must say they are delicious and very easy to make
Jack made a Toad Abode - very bright and colourful I'm just hoping that the lack of any pond or water in the garden isn't going to put the toads off coming for a visit!!!
I made this sleepover cake as Rachel had a belated birthday trip to the Chinese buffet and a sleepover this weekend - the only sleep that went on though was on the cake as the girls didn't get to sleep until 6am!!!!

Now my hubby Paul didn't want to be left out of the weekend makes so here is his list -
1. made the bed
2. made the sausage sandwiches
3. made the dog's dinners
4. made short work of my pork and mushroom dinner

And as for Tompom well he made his usual mess and then scarpered off to bed!!!!

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  1. what a fabulous cake, I bet the girls made short work of it lol xx
    joy xx

  2. Lovely cake... Sounds a very fruitful weekend

  3. I like the cake for the sleepover ( although was there ever anything more misnamed than a sleepover?)

  4. What a fab idea for a cake - just love it! Well done.


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