Thursday, 20 May 2010

Meet Pierre or is it Jean?

This is the french doll that I made for Rachel to take on her school trip, we were in my workshop making her french bag when she found a pre made doll and asked me to make a french man. Firstly I couldn't find any blue stripey fabric but then I remembered that I had put one of Tompom's old tops in the bag for recycling so I dug it out and made the top, he had to have a red scarf so that was just a thin piece of red cotton and black jersey for his trousers. His face is hand stitched but his hair is a black felt tip as I was still finishing him off the night before she was due to go and just wasn't able to sew fast enough, but I have to say his hair does look better than when I tried to stitch it. I completed his look with a jaunty black felt beret and apparently he needed a belt as he had had a few too many croissants and was a little portly around the middle....
Now I like to call him Pierre but Rachel thinks Jean - what do you think???

Here his is with the notebook that I made for Rachel to fill with pictures and souvenirs when she comes home.

And this is moment Pierre or is it Jean? and Rachel headed off on their journey to Paris - I'm hoping that Pierre /Jean won't be too traumatised from being stuffed in a rucksack and sees a little of the sights of Paris and maybe even have his photo taken at the top of the Eiffel Tower.

Finally here is a photo I took of Tompom today after he had managed (by himself whilst I quickly popped indoors!!!) to climb our rather high treehouse!!! He was very pleased with himself and I have a few more grey hairs from the experience!!!
Its very quiet in the house tonight without Rachel - I'm torn between enjoying the peace and quiet and missing her(grumps and all)!!!
Right I'm now off to finish emptying Rachel's room of stuff! so that I can decorate and move her into the old dining room!!! It's going to be a busy four days!!!
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  1. Wicked fun! I'd love a venture to France/Paris again! Alas it is but a mere 20+++ hours for me!
    Love your French Doll and look forward to seeing photos of him along the Champ Elysees and all other things French

  2. tompom looks so gorgeous, but I know how you feel, the house seems strangely empty if one member is not there. why not call the frenchman Jean-Pierre?
    joy xx

  3. Great doll, he looks like a French guy I once new called Alain LOL..Scrap book is a great idea..

  4. Definately a Jean-Pierre :)

    Hope your daughter has a great time in Paris - I remember a school trip there when I was about 11/12 - brilliant time - best school trip ever.

  5. Jean/Pierre is fantastic!

    You're right we don't live far from each other at all! Who knew blogland could be so small.

    Victoria xx


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