Thursday, 23 September 2010

Replying to comments?????

I love blogging and really enjoy getting all your lovely comments after each post, and I was just wondering
"what's the etiquette when it comes to comments"?
Do you reply to all, just some, or never, or do you comment on your comments by leaving a comment yourself, which is very confusing in itself and will only be read if the commenter checks back on the comments. I sometimes start off a new post with a thank you for your comments but sometimes you just want to get straight to what your post is about...

So what do you do???

Please tell me.....

oh and how do you add a message to your comments page saying thanks for your comment?


  1. this is an awkward one isn't it. I dont usually comment on the comments unless someone asks a specific question, but sometimes people use the comments section because they dont have any other way of getting in touch, then you need to let them know that you've heard from them. I'm not sure, but rosytint (kntting snippets blogspot) has somewhere on hers which says something like "I love all your lovely comments" or somesuch, maybe ask her how she got it there. perhaps there is somewhere a list of blogging etiquette rules, if you find it please let me know,
    joy xx

  2. I always try and say thank you for any comments in my comments section, but it is a bit odd, as you never know if people have seen it, I have popped onto the blogs of others to reply before, but that is even more confusing as you don't know if they will comment on your blog or their blog :)

  3. well, you got me thinking, so I went to blogger dashboard, clicked on settings, then clicked on comments, and there is a box which allows you to leave a message to your "commenters", so I've just done that.
    joy xx

  4. well you can't answer every comment personally as you'd never be away from the laptop! I sometimes comment in my own comments section but if it is a specific discussion/question I reply via email using the email blogger sends me to tell me someone has left me a comment. Hope this makes sense!

  5. I reply within the thread to any questions. As in I post a comment to my own blog!!

    I do try to visit all blogs that comment but it is very time heavy - it is a great way to 'discover' new blogs though!

  6. I probably comment if a question has been asked and then I reply back though my email inbox :)

  7. I suppose it depends on why you blog. I enjoy meeting new people so responding to their comments is a way of starting a friendship. I also think is someone is good enough to spend the time leaving a comment then it's nice to respond to them. Unless they have only left a few words and then I don't. No comment people you really can't do anything with sadly. I do leave them a comment on their blog if they have asked a question but that's rather time consuming. It's really up to you and what makes you feel comfortable.

  8. I usually thank people like you do in a post and then may e-mail someone if they have a specific question. I wouldn't have the time to reply to each person but would love to :-(

  9. I tend to pop over to their blog and have a look at heir laast post and see if I can comment on that or I reply their purely because I don't remember every comment I leave on every blog but I always check to see if I have any comments myself.


  10. Hi
    This is a comment, but it's not a comment about comments. It's just a quick 'hello' from me cos I'm your Pumpkin Patch partner! I did send you an email at your madaboutbags address but not sure if you received it? Can you get in touch so we can exchange addresses, etc? Also, I'm a swap virgin so may need some guidance!
    Best wishes

  11. Hi, Thanks for your comment on my blog! An interesting discussion your having here, I've been wondering that too. Sometimes I reply to people by e-mail, normally when they have a specific question. But some bloggers seem to reply by e-mail to any comment you have, question or not...
    You have a lovely blog and I notice you're also in the Pumpkin Patch swap, looking forward to see what you make for your partner! :) x

  12. Hi, thanks for your comment !!
    I find all this a bit confusing too. I never reply to comments on my own comments section as I don't think it will be seen my the person, so I comment on their blog.
    I must try and add a thankyou to my comments as mentioned above.
    I find comments are like Karma- you get what you give :0)
    Jacquie x

  13. I usually send back a email saying thank you when I get a notification in my email or I go and visit there blog.
    hugs xo

  14. This link may be helpful to you...
    If you are a 'no reply blogger' you don't have your email address registered with blogger. If you link it up as per the tutorial when you reply to a comment your reply will be emailed to them - presuming they have a registered email address.
    I hope this makes sense... I can't find the post that I learnt this from a couple of years back, it was in much clearer words than mine!


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