Tuesday, 28 September 2010

The Big Comment Debate.....

I just wanted to say a BIG thank you to everyone that left a comment on my blog about "Comment Etiquette".

I really appreciated all your input and I've learnt a few new blog tricks along the way too....

  1. I didn't have my comments section set to receive emails when someone leaves a comment - now I do and it means that you can reply directly from your inbox to any comments left rather than going to the blog and clicking on the contact button. So much easier!!! How to : go to your DASHBOARD, click on SETTINGS, click on the COMMENTS tab, scroll right to the bottom and it says COMMENT NOTIFICATION EMAIL, just pop in the email address to which you'd like to receive your notification, and when someone now leaves a comment you get an email and to which you can reply direct.

  2. Comment Form Message - again in the comments tab, - I haven't written anything in mine still trying to think of something witty and original (could be waiting sometime) may have to resort to a bit of plagiarism from some of the more talented bloggers out there!!!.

Finally I've realised that there's no right or wrong way when it comes to blogging and you can be as involved with blogging as you want to be......now I must be off as I'm running behind already this week and have lots of replies/posts/crafty things/housework (perhaps not the housework!!) to do!!!!!


  1. You sound like you are getting it all sorted out. It all comes with practice and coming upon things by mistake. It takes ages in the beginning but you get the hang of it in the end. Good luck.

  2. Thanks for passing on that advice - I have wondered for ages how people managed to email me in response to comments. Doh!

  3. Hello there! I spotted your name in my "follower thing" and I just wanted to say "thank you"!
    Have fun in the Pumpkin Patch Swap, I'm in too!

    Michela xxx

  4. Wow never knew that about the e-mail setting - thanks for sharing what you have learnt :-)

  5. Hi Tracy
    Just a qucikie to say I did get your email but haven't had time to reply yet; we're off on holiday this evening and I'm stressing out over packing/washing/shopping, etc, etc. Will write you a nice reply while we're away!

  6. Followed your instructions for the email notification. Thank you :) x


I would love to hear your thoughts and comments on my blog and I will try to answer as many as I can. thanks Tracy

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