Saturday, 18 September 2010

The Power of Facebook

Tonight I decided to add some photos of some of my bags to my Mad About Bags Facebook page, and I had a lovely surprise when about an hour later I sold not one but TWO bags.

I wasn't sure about the power of Facebook for selling but am now converted and hope this leads to more sales and this might even motivate me to take some more photos and add more bags....

Thank you Facebook and thank you Claire who bought my bags. Check out Claire's Misi shop called SudnSoothe and also her own website where she sells all manner of lovely things including, soaps, stained glass lampshades and crochet cushions......
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  1. Congratulation's. I'm not surprised they were snapped up, as they are lovely. Hope you generate loads more sale's this way. Just proves that FB can be good for more than just snooping on ex's and old school mate's!

    I have finally been re-united with my beloved sewing machine today and am all in a fizz about what to sew up first!
    x Kym

  2. Well Done Hun xx And here's to many more of your gorgeous bags being sold!
    Hugs Clare x

  3. I have been having a fun look around your blog and shop. The bags are marvelous!! I'll be back again for sure!

  4. Do yopu have a seperate page on facebook for your business ? or did you just put them on your normal page ?

  5. That's great news. I have decided that I'm just too old and dull for Facebook, but it sounds like it's a great way od selling for you.xx

  6. wel done tracy, your bags are gorgeous, no wonder they sold. please tell crafty helen that no-one is too old or dull for facebook, I'm 62 and I love it.
    joy xx

  7. thats fab news. . . heres to many more. . .

  8. Hello Tracy

    Thank you for your comments
    Just to let you know you have 3 entries to the CK drawer, thanks for becoming a follower and for adding my giveaway button ;-)

    BTW Nice to meet you in blog land, just going to have a look round your lovely blog.


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