Friday, 3 December 2010

Advent Swap - Day 3

The kids were still off school today and we have spent most of the time out sledging, well Rachel and Jack sledged whilst I took photographs and tried to keep warm. Needless to say this evening they were both shattered and after watching the gruesome goings on on I'm a Celebrity they hit the sack, leaving me a little time to finish off making some custom orders, which is why this post is a little late this evening...
Rachel decided to choose today's package (see I can share really!!) and this is what she chose...
and inside were these two cute metal springy hearts on mini pegs, I can use these to keeps the many to do lists that I make in one place... I also love the vintage Joker playing card that the hearts were attached to, that bouquet looks like a cake very scrumptious!!!

Thanks Annie!!!
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  1. What sweet little gifts and I just love her tags,what will we do with ourselves after all these advent gifts to open have reached 24!I'm a celebrity is a big hit with my 8 year old,bless!I couldn't eat any of those darling little critters,yuk!he he,becky xx

  2. Just read through all the Advent posts!! You are such a more week of orders for me and I can relax.....Opening these pressies are the highlight of y day so far hun...Thanks so much x x x
    Annie x
    P.s just blogged about yours now x


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