Tuesday, 7 December 2010

Advent Swap - Days 6 & 7

I have some much to do at the moment and not enough hands, time, energy, enthusiam etc to do them and this has resulted in a bit of a back log so I'm posting two advent swap days in one today....

On Day 6 I chose "A Vintage Treasure" and on Day 7 "A bit of Cath"
The vintage treasure was this beautiful perfume bottle, Annie and I must have had the same ideas as I was looking for something similar when searching for her gifts....but then I found something different but you'll just have to wait and see what it is!!!! The little bit of Cath was of course Cath Kidston and was this delightful Bluebell Shower Gel which I had to keep hidden from Rachel as she would have been off to have a shower in no time and then there wouldn't be any left for me!!!

Right I now starting to panic everso slightly that I will run out of time before Christmas!!!! Anyone else having the same feeling!!!
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  1. That CK shower gel is gorgeous I got some for my birthday and I've kept it hidden just for me!!
    Love the vintage bottle..its beautiful.
    And panic!!! I haven't bought a single present yet and I don't know when I'll have time to either!!!

    Em xxxx

  2. Great advent gifts! The perfume bottle is so beautiful! I'm quite organised, but now worried that some of the gifts I ordered online aren't going to turn up as the post has been delayed here! :) x

  3. Hey Hunny Glad you liked them!! Please dont feel you have to Blog about every single day hun.....Its a busy time for us all!!!
    Just maybe do one once a week hun!! Otherwise the joy will be taken out of it!! Dont want it to become a burden of any kind x x x x
    Give yourself a break lovely lady x x
    Annie x

  4. P.s cant wait to see the whats in store for me...;-)

  5. Thanks for stopping by my blog. What lovely gifts you've received too, I love the red snowflake bag they came in :) x


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